Parking in Namur: the ultimate guide

September 7, 2020

Namur, the Walloon capital, is a city rich in history and culture. The citadel of Namur overlooking the city is a tourist attraction for many visitors.

There are many secondary schools there, but also higher education institutions and UNamur, which is the city's university. Namur is also the seat of the Walloon Parliament, the Walloon Government, and the Walloon Public Service.

Given the different institutions and tourist locations within the city, it can be difficult to find a parking space in Namur. 

To help you out, we are going to share with you various good parking plans for the city of Namur so that you can find the solution that corresponds to your parking needs and have a good time when you go there.

Street parking

Are you travelling to Namur and would like to park for a short time? One of the options available to you is on-street parking. As in all cities, there are several parking zones in Namur. Each of them is regulated in a different way in terms of both parking time and rates. Parking is free on Sundays in all zones. For each of the zones, except the blue zone, you can benefit from 30 minutes of free parking by using the parking meter. Here are the different zones and their specific parking conditions: 

Purple zone

  • Free parking 
  • Parking time limited to 30 minutes from Monday to Saturday 
  • You have to go to the parking meter to get a ticket for the 30 minutes of free parking

Red zone

  • Paid parking from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm
  • Parking time limited to 3 hours
  • Price: €1 for 1 hour - €6 for 3 hours

Green zone

  • Paid parking from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm
  • Parking time limited to 4 hours
  • Price: €0.75 for 1 hour - €3 for 4 hours

Orange zone

  • Paid parking from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm
  • Parking time limited to 8 hours
  • Price: €0.50/hour

Blue Zone

  • Free parking with blue disc behind your windscreen
  • Parking time limited to 3 hours
  • From Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm (except additional signage)

Map of on-street parking in the city of Namur:

Map plan parking Namur


Short-term parking solution

Are you passing through Namur for a few hours but prefer to park your car in a parking lot? 

Here is the list of public parking lots available in Namur:

  • Parking Hôtel de Ville - Rue des Dames Blanches
  • Parking Léopold - Square Léopold
  • Parking du Centre - Rue de Fer
  • Parking Gifar - Rue des Echasseurs
  • Parking Beffroi - Place d'Armes
  • Parking de la Gare - Boulevard du Nord & Boulevard d'Herbatte
  • Parking des Tanneries SCRL - Rue des Tanneries

Park and ride parking lots

Do you want to park your vehicle for a whole day? These parking spots are located at the far end of town will allow you to do so. You can drop off your car there and use public transport to get to the city center. Fares are cheaper if you present a Mobib ticket or a subscription for public transport.

There are 2 parking lots located at the ends of the city center of Namur: 

  • P+R St-Nicolas - Avenue Albert 1er
  • P+R Bouge - Rue Hébar, 5004 Namur


Long-term parking solution

If you are looking for a parking space for a longer period of time, whether by the day, week or month, your solution will be shared parking lots. These parking lots located in several places in the city center will allow you to park safely and to find a free parking space near your destination without stress.

Here is a list of the different shared car parks in Namur:


Parking solution for companies

Your company is located in Namur and you are looking for parking spots for you and your employees? You can opt for a company parking lot. 

Discover in this explanatory video the Spaces offer, the ideal solution for your company: 

We hope this parking guide has helped you in your search for a parking space in Namur.

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