Parking in Pantin: good parking plans

May 11, 2021

Pantin is a French commune belonging to the Seine-Saint-Denis region, bordering Paris. It is part of the Greater Paris area with almost 60,000 inhabitants. A former industrial city, its strategic location makes it a dynamic city on the outskirts of the French capital.

Like many communes near Paris, finding a parking space in Pantin can be a real ordeal. In this article, we will share with you the different parking possibilities in the city of Pantin.

On-Street Parking

If you are visiting Pantin and want to park your car, here is some information that will be useful. Pantin is divided into two parking zones.

The parking zones in Pantin

pantin on-street parking area

Commercial zone (Red)

  • Paid parking Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm, except on public holidays and in August
  • Free for the first 20 minutes
  • Rates: 1€ for 1h; 2€80 for 2h; 4,60€ for 3h; 7€ for 4h; 11€ for 5h; 33€ for 10€

Residential zone (Green)

  • Paid parking Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm, except on public holidays and in August 
  • Rates: 0,60€ for 30min; 1,20€ for 1h; 2,40€ for 2h; 4€20 for 3h; 6€ for 4h; 8,40€ for 5h; 24€ for 10h

Preferential rates and subscriptions

It is possible to obtain a preferential rate in the green zone for residents of Pantin by registering the license plate:

  • 30 minutes: 0,20 €
  • 1h15 : 0,50 €
  • 3h : 1 €
  • 5h : 1,20 €
  • Day: 1,50 €

Concerning subscriptions, there are two types: residential and professional subscriptions.

The residential subscription is only valid in residential areas and is justified by a rental or property, it is only available for one car per person. There are three formulas: 24€ per month, 63€ per quarter or 230€ per year.

The professional subscription is valid for all professionals who have their main place of business in Pantin, it is only available for one vehicle. There are three formulas: 40€ per month, 105€ per quarter or 380€ per year.

Hourly parking

If you want to park your vehicle for a few hours and you don't want to leave your vehicle parked on the street, public parking lots are an option to consider. There are two parking lots available in Pantin, the third being closed for the Vigipirate plan.

  • Parking de l'église - Rue Lucienne Gérain 
    • Capacity of 144 places
    • Rates: 1.40€ for 1h; 2.60€ for 2h; 3€ for 3h; 3.40€ for 4h; 3.80€ for 5h; 5.80€ for 10h
    • Formulas: 57.70€ per month, 148.40€ per quarter, 280.30€ per semester
  • City center parking - Rue du Congo
    • Capacity of 163 spaces including 30 motorcycle spaces, 7 spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility and 13 spaces intended to be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles

Monthly parking solution

Looking to park your vehicle for a longer period of time? Shared parking lots are the solution adapted to your needs. You can rent your parking space on a weekly or monthly basis by taking out a subscription. These are secure parking lots with your own access, less expensive and safer!

Here are the shared parking lots available in Pantin:

Parking solutions for companies

If your offices are located in Pantin and you are looking for parking spaces for you and your employees, you can opt for the company parking lot.

Discover the Spaces offer, the ideal solution for your company.

We hope this article has helped you find the right parking solution for your needs.

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