The ultimate guide to parking in Charleroi

August 20, 2020

Charleroi, a city in the province of Hainaut, has more than 200,000 inhabitants. Known for its industrial past, the city is also a cultural centre. There are several concert halls and museums.

It is in Charleroi, and more particularly in Marcinelle, that the Dupuis publishing house is based. For this reason, you will be able to admire different statues of various comic strip characters within the city. In the centre of the city, you will find the Rive Gauche shopping centre which houses a large number of shops and therefore attracts many people from the surrounding area.

As in all big cities, finding a parking space in Charleroi can be a real headache. In this article, we will tell you about the different parking possibilities within the city of Charleroi.

Street parking

If you are going to Charleroi and wish to park your vehicle on the road, here is some information that will be useful to you. The city centre of Charleroi is divided into 5 parking zones, each with its own specificities.

Red zone

  • Paid parking from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 17.00
  • Parking time limited to 2 hours
  • Price : first 30 minutes free - 1€ for 1 hour - 3,50€ for 2 hours

Orange Zone

  • Paid parking from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.
  • Parking time limited to 3h30
  • Price : 30 first minutes free - 1€ for 1 hour - 3€ for 2 hours

Green Zone

  • Paid parking from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.
  • Parking time limited to 8 hours
  • Proce : 1€ for 1h - 2€ for 2h

Purple zone

  • Free parking for the first 4 hours
  • Parking time limited to 8 hours

You will find free parking areas in the Expos parking lot.

It is good to know that people living in Charleroi have the possibility to get a riverside parking card which will allow them to park in the zone corresponding to their place of residence. This card is valid for 12 months. Each household is entitled to a maximum of 2 parking cards. The first card is free and the 2nd costs 100€/year.

Parking per hour

If you wish to park your vehicle for a few hours and prefer not to park on the street, public parking is an option to consider. Charleroi has a number of these car parks in various locations throughout the city. Prices are usually given per hour.

Here are the public parking lots available in Charleroi :

  • Inno Centre Ville - Q-Park - Rue de Montigny, 16
  • Left Bank - Parking Partners - Boulevard Joseph Tirou
  • Tirou Q-Park - Boulevard Joseph Tirou, 20
  • Place de la Digue - RCA - Place de la digue, 21
  • Charleroi P1 - SNCB - Rue de la Villette
  • Charleroi P2 - SNCB - Rue de la Villette
  • Charleroi P2A - SNCB - Rue de la Villette
  • Charleroi P4 - SNCB - Quai de la Gare du Sud

Monthly parking solution

Are you looking for a parking space for a longer period of time? Shared parking is the option for you! Thanks to these parking lots, you can take out a subscription for the duration of your choice and thus choose a parking solution adapted to your needs. These shared parking lots are in fact private parkings made available to you, so they are safer and cheaper than public car parks. This solution is the one for you if you are looking for a cheaper and long-term solution.

Here is a shared parking lot available in Charleroi :

Parking solution for businesses

If your offices are located in Charleroi and you are looking for parking spaces for you and your employees, you can opt for the company car park.

Discover in this explanatory video, the Spaces offer, the ideal solution for your company :

We hope this article has helped you find the right parking solution for your needs.

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