The ultimate guide to parking in Etterbeek

July 28, 2020

Etterbeek is one of the 19 communes of the Brussels-Capital Region. It is densely populated with about 50,000 inhabitants. But like all other districts in this region, parking problems are significant. 

Whether you are in Etterbeek for the weekend or you live there, this article will help you to optimize your parking experience in this commune.

Parking on the street 

Street parking in Etterbeek is highly regulated.  

The different parking zones

Green zone

This zone is free for Etterbeek residents but chargeable for non-residents of the municipality. Visitors have to pay for their parking on a parking meter. 

  • Paying parking from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm
  • Parking time limited to 4h30
  • Price: 1,50€ per hour

Red zone

This zone is not free for everyone, but there is still a quarter of an hour free parking. 

  • Paying parking from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm
  • Parking time limited to 2h (except for Place Jourdan, limited to 30 minutes)
  • Price:  1,50€ per hour (0,50€ per 30 minutes Place Jourdan)

Yellow zone

In this zone, any vehicle parked in this area is subject to a 50€ tax per 1/2 day except for deliveries in progress, with the doors of the vehicle open.


Minute parking

In this zone, any vehicle parked in this place is exposed to a tax of 50€ per 1/2 day, except for deliveries made with the doors of the vehicle open and for a maximum duration of 15 minutes (with a time stamp ticket visibly affixed behind the windscreen of the vehicle).

Discover this map to find out more: 

Parking on the street Source :

Parking cards delivered by the municipality

Resident parking card

Residents of the municipality of Etterbeek can apply for a "resident" parking card from the municipality. This will allow them to park free of charge in the green zone. The price of this card is as follows:

  •  1st card: 25€ per year
  • 2nd card: 75€ per year
  • 3rd card: 200€ per year

Visitor parking card

Every resident of the municipality of Etterbeek has the right to request scratch cards. They can give them to visitors. These cards are valid for half a day and for one vehicle only. A maximum of 52 cards per year can be requested. 

Price: 10€ for 52 cards

Individual parking pass

Individual parking passes are also available at the following price: 

  •  Daily pass: 10€ for the first day + 2.50€ per additional day
  • Annual fixed half-day subscription: 50€ per year (valid for a fixed half-day per week for a full year)
  • Monthly subscription: 65€ 
  • Quarterly subscription: 180€
  • Half-yearly subscription: 340€
  • Annual subscription: 650€

Professional parking pass

Businesses whose activity is located in Etterbeek can use parking cards at the following price:

  •  200 € / year / vehicle for the first 5 vehicles
  • 300 € / year / vehicle for vehicles 6 to 20
  • 600 € / year / vehicle for vehicles 21 to 30
  • 800 € / year / vehicle from the 31st vehicle onwards

Parking in a public parking lot 

If you are looking to park your car for several hours and are not reassured by the idea of leaving your car on the street, you can opt for public parking lots. These parking lots allow you to leave your car safely for as long as you wish. For example, in Etterbeek you could park at : 

  • Forte Dei Marmi (Avenue du Maelbeek 61, 1040 Etterbeek)


Customized parking solution 

If you are looking for a parking solution more adapted to your needs we have what you need. Opt for shared parking lot! Thanks to this system, you can take out a subscription online for the duration of your choice. 

Shared parking has many advantages, such as more affordable prices and extra security for your vehicle. 

Here is the list of shared parking lots in Etterbeek:

Parking solution for businesses 

If your offices are located in Etterbeek, you must surely be looking for parking spaces for your employees. You can opt for the company parking lot. 

Thanks to the SPACES offer, get in touch with companies that specialize in company parking lot rental. Discover more in this video : 


We hope this article has helped you to optimize your mobility in Etterbeek. Feel free to share this video and information with anyone who needs it.


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