The ultimate parking guide in Brussels (1000)

March 25, 2019

With its 179,668 inhabitants and an area of more than 32.61 square kilometers, the city of Brussels faces increasing mobility challenges.

Are you new on the roads of Brussels or just in search of some information to help you park your vehicles? Here, you will find everything you need!

Parking per hour

Parking on the streets

If you want to go to Brussels city to visit or make purchases, it is possible to park on the street especially in certain parking areas.

Brussels city is mainly divided into five parking zones:

Prices parking Brussels center Parking in the street                                                                  Prices in restricted areas


Blue zone

  • Free parking for 2 hours with possession of a blue parking disc

Green zone

  • Paid parking with no time limit
  • Price: 0,50€ for the first two half hours - 2€ for the second hour - 1,50€ for each additional hour

Red zone

  • Paid parking
  • Parking time limited to 2 hours
  • Price: 2€ for 1 hour - 5€ for 2 hours

Orange zone

  • Paid parking
  • Parking time limited to 2 hours
  • Price: 1€ for 1 hour - 3€ for 2 hours

Grey zone

  • Paid parking
  • Parking time limited to 4h30
  • Price: 0,50€ for 30 minutes - 1€ for 1h - 3€ for 2h - 5€ for 3h - 8€ for 4h - 9,50€ for 4h30

Parking in a public parking lot

You can also park in one of the many public parking lots in Brussels by accessing them directly via a ticket system. We have established in 3 categories (neighborhood, station and metro stop) of the various public parking lots available in the city of Brussels.

Street Area 🏘️

Ilot sacré

  • Parking Ecuyer — Rue de l’Ecuyer, 11
  • Parking Congrès Bruxelles - Rue du Meiboom, 24


  • Q-park Danseart — Place du Nouveau Marché aux Gains, 2
  • Q-park Le Page — Rue Léon Page, 23

Railway station🚂

Brussels Central train station

  • Interparking Albertini Square — Place de la Justice, 16

Metro 🚇


  • Parking Jardin botanique — Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, 29


  • Parking passage 44 — Rue de l’Ommegang, 16
  • Parking Q-Park Centre — Rue du Damier, 26

Porte de Namur

  • Parking 2 portes — Boulevard de Waterloo 2A

De Brouckère

  • Parking de Brouckère — Place de Bouckrère, 1


  • Parking Loi-Wet — Rue de la Loi, 19


  • Parking Sablon — Place Poelaert


Airport ✈️


Parking per day: Parking at a low cost

Are you about to go to Brussels for at least one day to go shopping or simply visit the city? Booking a parking space in a private, shared location in advance may be a better alternative than parking on the streets or in public parking lots.

Indeed, the prices charged in a private and shared parking lots will always be more attractive than those established in a public parking lots.In addition, the ease of access to a private parking area will save you valuable time because you will not need to spend a long time at the entrance waiting to enter a public lot or garage. You also won't get stuck desperately driving around, looking for a place on the streets.

Thus, we have put together a list divided into 3 categories (neighborhood, station and metro stop) of the various private and shared parking lots available for booking in the city of Brussels.


Street Area 🏘️

Ilot sacré




Railway station 🚂

Brussels Central train station










Book a parking space online with BePark

Example booking parking space with BePark

Parking per month: Parking peacefully at a low cost

Various solutions are offered for new inhabitants in Brussels or new vehicle owners to park in the city. If you are a Brussels resident, you can park on the streets thanks to the resident card (Apply from here). Prices are between 10€ and 250€ for one year and the card will be available within 5 days of your request.

Other alternative solutions are also available, such as the parking spaces managed by Régie Fonciere which constitute a total of 1200 places. These parking spots are, in priority, allocated for the tenants of Régie, however they can also be rented by the inhabitants of Brussels.

Finally, you can also rent a parking space monthly in one of the many private and shared car parks in the city to ensure the availability of a secure place every day, while this is not necessarily the case when you park on the streets.

Below you will find shared parking lots available in Brussels:

Street Area 🏘️



Ilot Sacré





Grand place



Brussels center



Railway station🚂

Brussels-north train station

Brussels-Luxembourg train station

Brussels Central train station