How can BePark contribute to your company's CSR policy?

March 5, 2020

A company's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach is mainly its contribution to sustainable development. Numerous actions are implemented in companies to reduce their carbon footprint. 

75% of companies consider that investing in Corporate Social Responsibility is a winning strategy. Here's how BePark is helping companies like yours solve this challenge:


Reduce your carbon footprint by meeting your employees' parking challenge 

Every day, some of your employees drive to work and some waste time finding a parking spot every morning. 


This traffic congestion linked to the search for a parking space represents 30% of the pollution. This is why taking up the challenge of helping your employees park significantly reduces everyone's carbon footprint.

We help companies like yours offer a better mobility experience to their employees. With BePark's parking management platform, we help you ensure that your parking spaces are fully optimized and utilized, which means more employees will be able to park in your company parking lot. If your company is still short of parking spaces, we also open private parking lot close to where you want them, so you can rent additional parking spaces for your employees directly from us without any problems.

The Orange company is a very good example of a company that used our platform to optimize the management of its parking and then was able to rent fewer spaces than expected near its office. 

Find out how we found parking spaces for Orange

Pool your vacant parking spaces

If your company has a parking lot with rental spaces, we can also intervene to help you monetize them. 


As Denis Knoops, former CEO of Delhaize Belux, put it, "One of Delhaize's main priorities is to integrate its stores locally. Sharing our parking lots is one way to achieve this."

BePark enables you to make your unused parking spaces accessible to road users. This would allow you to earn extra income but also to allow people in your neighborhood to park not far from their homes. Once again, this solution would be in your interest and in the interest of your neighborhood, but it would be a real ecological approach. 


For more efficient parking management, opt for our services that will allow you to optimize the use of your space and obtain its occupation data. Our software allows you to satisfy your users by allowing them to reserve a parking space in your parking space in advance. 

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