How to generate regular income by optimizing your school's parking lot?

August 31, 2020

Your school's parking lot is essential for the smooth running of your school. Teachers and employees need it on a daily basis in order to arrive on time at their place of work and provide students with quality teaching. 

Did you know that in addition to the undeniable usefulness of your parking lot, it can also allow you to generate a regular income? How can you do this? By sharing and optimizing your parking lot.

Underutilization of the parking lot

The private parking lots of schools are generally used every day of the week during the day. But what about evenings and weekends? They remain empty and are of no use to staff or students. These parking lots are therefore not optimized since they remain unoccupied most of the time. How can you achieve optimal occupancy of your parking lot and generate revenue? By transforming it into a shared parking lot. 

What is a shared parking lot? 

A shared parking lot is a private parking lot made available to external persons so that they can benefit from parking spaces. Thanks to new technologies that facilitate access to under-utilized private parking lots, it is now possible to open them up to their immediate environment and provide citizens with parking solutions. The number of accesses as well as the schedule being adaptable to each situation, it will be possible to provide access to your private parking lot only for certain time slots or for weekends.  How much will it cost to set up this type of parking for the school? It will be non-existent. In addition, the school will not have any facilities or tasks to perform. Companies such as BePark will take care of everything, from installing the barriers to renting the parking spaces. The company will also provide access to the parking lot via an application, no more badges!  


Shared parking, the perfect solution for schools

Schools benefit from several advantages when they decide to opt for a shared parking facility.  For starters, renting parking spaces will allow schools to generate a regular monthly income that can cover other expenses or be injected into school activities. Since there is no current profit to be made from the school parking lots, it will only be positive for the schools.  Keep in mind that by allowing residents to park in your parking lot at times when your employees don't need it, you allow them to enjoy a better parking experience. By doing so, you will allow your establishment to better integrate into the neighborhood in which it is located. Your image and visibility will be strengthened.  Finally, if you are regularly confronted with trespassing in your parking lots, even during school hours, sharing your parking lots will allow you to make them inaccessible to unauthorized persons. The installed barriers will open thanks to the smartphones of your employees and people with a subscription in the parking lot. This allows you to provide your employees with a parking space every day without having to worry that someone from outside your establishment may have left their vehicle during working hours.

Shared parking lot

In addition to enhancing the value of your parking lot, you can also improve the parking experience for your employees and teachers. This is possible with parking management systems.


What is a parking management system? 

A parking management system regulates access within a parking lot by providing different types of access to users and also allowing them to reserve a space in the parking lot. Such a system allows you to provide 3 different types of access to users:

  • Preferential access, i.e. permanent access without the need for reservation.
  • Reserved access, depending on the days of authorized parking per employee, they will be able to reserve a parking space in advance.
  • A "first come, first served" access that does not require reservations

Depending on your school's parking policy, you can define the type of access that each of your employees will be entitled to. This access is not necessarily the same for everyone.


Why use a parking management system for school parking?

Such a tool will allow schools that do not have enough parking spaces to regulate the entrances to the parking lot so that all employees can benefit from it throughout the week. By offering a reservation system to staff, you will give them the certainty of having a parking space available in advance. Depending on the access you give each employee, they will be able to reserve their space in advance. This system will ensure a rotation of staff within the parking lot. Since not all teachers have the same schedule, a parking management system will also allow your employees to know when the parking lot is not full and to reserve a space for the few hours they need it. Your school's parking lot has potential, so it's up to you to decide whether you want to make the most of it. Shared parking is the easy and ideal solution for schools that want to generate additional income and integrate into the neighborhood in which they are located. 

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