How to protect your car from the low temperature in winter?

March 25, 2019

Winter is coming! Make sure your car is well maintained for a safe winter! Here's a quick overview of your options to take care of your car during winter.

Take a quick tour of your car to make sure all the bulbs are working properly

To drive safely in rain or snow, it is necessary to "see and be seen". You will also avoid getting fined.


Opt for snow tires when the temperature drops below 7°C

Snow tires will help you to ensure better handling in snow and rain. These tires are made to resist the cold, the rubber used is a special rubber that does not harden with the cold.


Wait until after scraping your windows to turn on your engine

Almost everyone makes this mistake, but warming up your engine when you're busy scratching your windows is not a good thing. It's bad for the engine because it will wear out faster. In addition to the unnecessary pollution, you breathe in toxic gases while standing right next to it. 

Prepare your car for cold winter

Cover your windshield and rear window

Use a cardboard or thermal blanket to prevent your windows from freezing. Place your wipers on top of the cardboard so that they don't stick to the glass. 

Tip: never put hot water directly on your windshield to defrost it faster.


Park your car in an indoor parking garage!

Forget the hassle of windshield scraping and a frozen engine, by putting your car in a parking garage you will also avoid the thawing salts projected on the road during the night. These thawing salts are very corrosive to your car and reduce your visibility on the road. Find a covered/underground parking lot near you to shelter your car from winter on the BePark website.

To find more information: Find the nearest indoor / underground parking lot.


Do not pull the handbrake

In winter, when possible, use first gear rather than the hand brake, as it could freeze when the temperature drops. 


Make the right gestures when starting the car

Be sure to depress the clutch pedal when starting, even in neutral position, this will allow the engine to run more freely. Turning on your headlights also lets your battery warm up more quickly. 


Check the windshield washer fluid level

The windshield gets dirty much faster in winter with salt and dirty water. Therefore you use more windshield washer fluid, so make sure it is filled up at all times for optimum safety. For the winter, opt for antifreeze washer fluid


We hope these tips will help you take care of your car this winter, so you can drive safely. Preserving your car means spending a winter with peace of mind.

And don't forget to be careful on the roads this winter!


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