Izix becomes WiredScore Accredited Solution

November 24, 2022

Since November 9th 2022, Izix is officially an Accredited Solution with WiredScore.

WiredScore Accredited Solutions are unique technology providers whose systems and solutions have been benchmarked against WiredScore’s certification standards. The Accreditation enables property owners to know that the solution provider they've chosen will help them achieve their SmartScore certification goals.

A global standard for future-proof smart buildings

SmartScore certification is a global standard that identifies best in class smart buildings that deliver an exceptional user experience, drive cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability and are fully future-proof.

SmartScore was created in collaboration with the owners and users of the world’s most advanced properties. The certification provides clarity on what constitutes a smart building, guidance on how to achieve the status, and proof of the value it adds to your asset.

Smart parking for smart buildings

Dorian de Broqueville, CEO at Izix: "it is our mission to make parking management part of more user-centered buildings. Being recognized by WiredScore as an Accredited Solution shows real estate developers that our tool is a lever towards better buildings."

Arie Barendrecht, the founder and CEO of WiredScore: “Since launching SmartScore - our smart building certification - in 2021, we’ve noticed that ‘smart’ continues to be an opaque subject for the real estate industry. Many continue to seek guidance on how to implement smart buildings, what solution providers to work with, and even what ‘smart’ itself means. We are confident that our Accredited Solutions offering will help to demystify how to successfully deliver a smart building.” object and choosing ‘Image options’, then setting the value in the ‘Position’ section.

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