Brussels 20km: What is the best mobility solution for enjoying this race?

April 26, 2019

This year, the 40th edition of the 20 km of Brussels will take place on Sunday May 19th 2019. Whether you are a participant, a simple spectator or just want information about mobility related to this event, this article is for you!

Discover useful mobility information below and parking alternatives.


Prohibited traffic and alternative routes

If you live in Brussels or you are there for a visit, do you know that because of the 20km of Brussels, traffic will be rerouted or prohibited in some areas for the 19th of May?

🏘️ Neighborhoods and streets cut off from traffic from 8:30 am

  • Cinquantenaire : Rond-Point de Schuman
  • Rond-point Schuman
  • Rue Froissart
  • Rue Belliard
  • Boulevard de la Régence
  • Place Poelaert
  • Avenue Louise
  • Le bois de la Cambre
  • Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
  • Chaussée de la Hulpe
  • >Boulevard du Souverain
  • Avenue de Tervure

⛔ Tunnels closed from 5am

- Tunnel Rue Belliard;

- Tunnel Avenue de Tervueren

- Tunnel Avenue Louise

⚠️ Reopening

Tunnels: Between 13h and 15h, depending on the passage of runners.

Neighborhoods and streets : Reopening gradually. Belliard Street will be open from 12pm, Avenue Louise around 1pm, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt around 2pm, Boulevard du Souverain around 3pm and Avenue de Tervuren around 4pm.

💡Alternative routes

Do you want to cross the city driving your car? You can join the Small Ring to the Middle Ring by using the Rue du Trône then Avenue de la Couronne. Finally, to direct you from the Middle Ring to the Ring of Brussels (R0), you are be advised to pass via the E411.

To go to the city, it is recommended to pass by the Chaussée de Louvain to join Madou and to take the tunnels of the small ring which will remain open!

Finally to reach Montgomery, a detour will be proposed via the rue de la Loi to enter the loop via the small ring. Note that Montgomery will be open until 10:30.


Access to the race: Cars, motors and scooters etc.

Do you want to drive the race as a participant or spectator? Here are our tips for parking close to the departure!

We advise you to park in the districts Diamant, Delta, Arts-Loi and Schuman then use transportation solutions such as the tramway, the metro or the bus to reach the Mérode stop, which is the starting point of the race. Here is the list of car parks at your disposal:








Access to the race: Public transport

You do not want to use your vehicle or you just do not have it? Don't worry! Here is the representative map of the "Brussels 20km" and its access points:

Access to the race: Public transport 

In order to be closer to the launch of the race, you must join the Mérode stop. To do this you will find below 3 sites proposing different solutions of transportation allowing you to calculate your route according to your location:

Please note that most tram and bus lines will be modified following the closure of the route, but metro lines 1 and 5 will run one metro every 10 minutes starting at 8am. If you join the city of Brussels to participate or attend the race, here are our tips to get there from the Brussels train stations.

Schuman and Central railway station:

  • Metro 1 "Stockel" or metro 5 "Herrmann-Debroux" and get off at "Mérode"

Brussels-Midi railway station:

  • 24 MIN :Metro 2 direction "Simonis - Elisabeth", get off at "Arts-Loi", take metro 1 "Stockel" or metro 5 "Herrmann-Debroux", get off at "Mérode".

North railway station: 3 solutions.

  • 25 MIN:Bus 61 "Montgomery", get off at "Merode
  • 15 MIN:Train IC 2111 "Luxembourg", exit at Brussels-Schuman station then take metro 5 "Schuman", get off at "Mérode"
  • 21 MIN:Tram 4 "Stalle (P)" get off at "De Bouckere" then take metro 1 "Stockel", get off at "Merode"

Luxembourg railway station: 3 solutions.

  • 10 MIN:Bus 27 "Andromede", get off at "Merode"
  • 13 MIN:Bus 80 "Maes", get off at "Merode"
  • 14 MIN : Métro 5 "Herrmann-Debroux" or Metro 1 "Stockel", get off at "Mérode"

Brussels-Congress railway station: 2 solutions

  • 17 MIN: Metro 5 "Herrmann-Debroux" or metro 1 "Stockel", get off at "Mérode"
  • 25 MIN:Bus 61 "Montgomery", get off at "Merode"

West railway station:

  • 17 MIN:Metro 5 "Herrmann-Debroux" or metro 1 "Stockel", get off at "Mérode"

Brussels-Chapel railway station: 3 solutions.

  • 23 MIN:Bus 86 "Central Station", get off at "Central Station" then take metro 5 "Herrmann-Debroux" or metro 1 "Stockel", get off at "Mérode"
  • 25 MIN: Bus 27 "Andromede", get off at "Merode"
  • 27 MIN: Tram 3 "Esplanade", get off at "De Bouckère" then take metro 1 "Stockel", get off at "Mérode"

We hope that this article will help you optimize your trips during the Brussels 20km! Please share it with your friends who are visiting Brussels!

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