3 reasons why you should allow your employees to continue to telework

July 9, 2020

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, many companies have started implementing telework for all their employees. This has been a big change for all of us, as we are used to working in our offices together with our colleagues. We had to adapt our activities by setting up video meetings, for example. 

But this change in our habits showed us that working remotely was not a counterproductive act, on the contrary. So why not let your employees continue working from home? 

In this article, discover all the advantages of teleworking:

1. Saves time and money 

When your employees come to your offices, they spend a long time commuting, whether they use their cars, bicycles or public transportation. This valuable time could be used for work. So when your employees carry out their work from home, they save energy because they don't have to travel. 

This is important to consider, because not only does it take time to travel from home to work, but it also represents a cost. Allowing employees to telework will generate multiple gains

Some companies have even decided to switch to a 100% teleworking model. It is true that this change allows them to have a better view of the future by saving money on office rent that they can use to make investments instead. 

2. The development of new work habits

Telecommuting means adopting new habits! You have always been used to working in the same office as your employees, so if you had a question to ask them, all you had to do was to go to their offices. Unfortunately teleworking does not allow this, so new ways to communicate have developed.


From now on, your meetings can no longer be held in your company? Don't panic, videoconferencing is at your disposal! You can use tools such as Zoom, Skype Business or Google Meeting. Simple and practical to use, videoconferencing allows you to hold remote meetings with the number of participants of your choice.

Corporate messaging 

As mentioned above, it is no longer ideal for you to go to your colleague's office to ask your questions. The development of corporate messaging systems allows you to stay in touch with your employees and to be able to exchange ideas with them quickly. 

Want to learn more about the new work habits following the implementation of teleworking? Discover our article - Flex office: Facilitating organization and collaboration between employees in home working.

3. Greater productivity 

It is important to know that teleworking allows your employees to have a better work-life balance and allows them to be more productive. When they work from home, they can replace the time they used for transportation by activities such as sports, music or simply take time with their children. And, best of all, these small changes make your employees happier and therefore more efficient in their work.

Nowadays telework is becoming more and more popular, and the coronavirus crisis has only helped us to take a big step into the future. It has made us all understand that this new way of working can have real benefits. 

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