4 steps to generating added value on your parking with BePark

July 8, 2019

In a context where parking in the city is increasingly difficult and expensive, parking spaces are becoming scarcer. However, in parallel, many private parking lots remain vacant several hours a day, or are even totally unoccupied, especially in popular areas.

Whether you're a building owner facing a temporary vacancy, a retailer who does not need parking at night or a hotel with overcapacity, your parking has untapped potential that BePark can help you take advantage of.

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The 4 stages of monetization

In 2014, the average vacancy rate of a parking lot was estimated at between 20% and 30%, which represents a loss of several million dollars. Based on this observation, BePark are working on the implementation of an alternative solution to exploit and commercialize underused parking spaces located on private real estate. This will optimize parking in the city and generate additional revenue for companies.

1. Communication with our teams

Send us your questions and receive a tailor-made simulation of the potential income that can be generated from your empty parking spaces (5 places). You get 30 minutes of free consultation with one of our parking experts.

2. Creation of a partnership

The flexibility of our contracts is a priority since our goal is yours. We want to create a win-win relationship with our partners.

3. Parking installation

Our access technology is easy to install and does not interfere with existing systems. We install it for free with all the necessary signage.

4. Income

Once your parking lot is in our hands, we take care of everything from marketing to billing. You receive transparent operating reports when revenue is generated on your parking lot.
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The benefits of Value in your business

We are your "one stop shop" for parking optimization. Value is the key into maximizing the use of your parking space without having to deal with it, which makes your life easier than before. Thus through Value, you will have many advantages:

  • Economic advantage

Maximize the potential of your parking lot to get a return on investment. Your parking lot can become a source of income and an investment for life.

  • Social advantage

Improve mobility in your neighbourhood: become a real actor in your community and allow residents and users find a parking solution off the streets.

  • Logistics advantage

Get access to the occupation data of your parking lot as well as the invoiced amounts. You have full visibility on the actions put in place.


The rates

By adopting Value, you will not be exposed to upfront costs. The installation of our software in your parking lot, as well as the marketing of it is included.

The price will depend entirely on the number of parking spaces you want to optimize. If you would like more information about our software or prices applicable to your situation, you can make an appointment with one of our parking experts.

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