9 tips to make your parking lot more secure

October 21, 2019

Owners and managers of parking lots, it is time for you to opt for optimal management of your parking lot. Various tools are at your disposal to help you offer your users the best possible parking experience. But what about the intrinsic safety of your parking lot? That's where it all starts.

Here are 9 tips to improve security in your parking lot:

1. Monitor your parking space(s) 24 hours a day

Monitoring is important to ensure a safe parking experience. Whether through the installation of a surveillance camera or by employing a security guard, this step is crucial if you want to have an overview of the activity in your parking lot.


2. Use prominent, easy-to-read and memorable signs

A driver looking for his way is more distracted. As a result, he runs a greater risk of an accident because he is not familiar with the environment around him. So think about installing a barrier that is clearly visible, with a bright color. Accompany it with easy-to-read signs that will indicate to the driver that he or she is in the right place. 


3. Install parking management software

SaaS software allows you to monitor traffic flow in your parking lot in real-time. Access to the parking lot will only be possible if users have a previously established access right. You can therefore be sure that all the people present in the parking lot are authorized to access it. 

With a software program you can also ban the use of badges and remote controls to open the barrier. Only a telephone and an Internet connection are required to access the parking lot.

4. Install lighting fixtures

Make sure your installation provides bright light with wide coverage and good color rendering. Regardless of the light source, users must be able to easily recognize colors, shapes, and people from a distance. This allows them to anticipate their movement and reduce the risk of accidents.

Good lighting also makes users feel safer in the parking lot as they can see what is going on around them. 


5. Highlight the various obstacles with reflective signs.

Be sure to install different signs and highlight obstacles with reflective signs. By doing so, you will not only prevent drivers from damaging their vehicles, but you will also prevent accidental damage to your parking infrastructure. These various reflective signs will guide and warn drivers. 

Would you park here or in a secure parking

6. Report suspicious activities and crimes

If an incident occurs, write a report as soon as possible, while the details are still fresh in your mind. Be sure to include a description of people, vehicles and license plate information.


7. Install speed bumps at the entry and exit points

Careless driving and high speed inside the parking lot can cause accidents. To avoid rough driving and speeding in your parking lot, be sure to put speed bumps at the entrance and exit of your parking lot. 

Be sure to indicate the presence of these speed bumps so that users are not surprised by them. 

  video surveillance camera board                   board beware                board speed bump ahead               alcohol prohibited board


8. Install parking-bollards

Parking-bollards are easy to install and provide strong protection against unauthorized parking. Their appearance and design is perhaps the most dynamic of all because there are many different shapes of barriers, so you can choose the system and appearance that best suits your parking lot.

However, the bollards used to protect parking spaces are not robust enough to withstand impacts and collisions and therefore do not provide sufficient safety in all situations.


9. Use parking ramps for access to your parking lot

Parking ramps are the best solution for large parking lots. It is important to choose an appropriate ramp to ensure longevity and stability, as the proper functioning of your parking lot will depend on the ease of access to the different floors. 



Beyond dangers such as accidents or falls, parking lot occupants can be vulnerable to theft, assault, and harassment. A single incident is enough to change their mind about which parking facility to use.

By following the tips listed above you will be able to discourage criminal acts, enhance the security of your parking lot and give your users the parking experience they deserve. It is the responsibility of the building owner and the security team to constantly evaluate their property's parking space, to look for ways to improve security.


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