5 advantages of adopting parking management technologies

November 20, 2019

New trends in mobility are transforming the transportation systems that we know. With an ever-increasing demand for space and a shortage of supply, parking management systems are becoming an essential element in our lives. Smart parking assistance is now used to regulate traffic and to optimize unused parking spots. With the help of new parking management technologies, integrated software offers a new range of solutions to meet the many challenges and issues that arise.

A good corporate parking experience is healthy, not only for the company itself but also for every single employee involved. Parking issues concern just about every driver on this planet, a daily process which can be extremely chaotic and time consuming.

With the arrival of new parking management systems, parking trends are bound to change as the industry evolves.

1. Flexibility, creative solutions and versatility

Efficient parking management allows for greater flexibility in the use of parking lots. Creative solutions are put in place to allow employees to manage and access their time slot independently according to their needs, and the parking policy you have set.

Parking management applications offer many more options than before, in which corporation can use to efficiently improve parking experience for employees.

2. Management of supply to optimize demand

One of the primary goals of parking management is to optimize space. Mobility in urban areas is becoming more and more restricted as the need for more space clashes with the increase in urban population. Parking management applications inform users about free parking spaces, the number of available parking spaces in a parking lot, and much more.

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More and more institutes, hospitals and supermarkets (usually with large, underutilized parking lots) are adopting “shared parking”, where they lend their unused space to local drivers, intelligently allocating these spots to the public. By effectively managing these huge areas, a high occupancy rate and an additional regular income is ensured during the local integration of the area

If your corporate parking lot is not fully occupied during the day or evening/night, shared parking could represent an opportunity for your company to make this underutilized space profitable.

3. Time, space and money savings

Cities are now plagued with heavy congestion, especially during peak hours. Parking your car easily is a hassle, and drivers know it. An average of 4 days a year per driver is wasted searching for a parking spot! Wasted time is correlated with wasted money, and considering everyone that needs to park, this can become a huge amount. Parking management is a solution to these problems.

Management tools now intelligently allocate spaces using smart technologies, so that employees no longer have to rush to find a free space in their company's parking lot, therefore avoiding an unnecessary waste of time.

Parking management software also allows facility managers to save time and reduce the operational and financial impact of parking management so that they can fully concentrate on their business.

4. Security from theft and trespass

When implemented, parking management applications are extremely useful against theft and trespassers. With regulated access, security is ensured as entries and exits are tightly controlled.

Security cameras, informative warning signs, bollards and ramps offer additional surveillance and bring the security game up a notch.

5. Data analysis, recognition and forecasts

A parking management software allows you to consult all the data related to the parking lot thanks to clear and standardized dashboards. Access to this data can be done 24/7, so it is possible to know who is in the parking lot at any time. This real-time information can help you plan for demand, streamline operational management and simplify parking access flows.

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As corporate parking spaces are becoming a scarce resource, it is important to manage them as well as possible to ensure an optimal user experience for employees. A management software will allow you to meet demand and gain efficiency in the management of your company parking.

The use of this technology will benefit not only the employees, but also the person in charge of managing the parking, who will free up his time thanks to the ease of using the software.

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