Supermarkets: How to Better Integrate Your Brand Locally Through Parking Service

November 7, 2019

Few people and companies realize the importance of a parking space in the supermarket choice of today's consumers. In fact, it happens to be a factor that people often worry about when they go shopping.

By analyzing consumer behavior, we have seen that small details can sometimes very quickly tip the balance in the wrong direction and change their minds in all areas. 

Let's take a look at the practical solutions to prevent you from losing potential customers in the future, through a better-adapted parking service; and the benefits you can derive from it in return.


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Better understand the context

As you will have understood, one of the key elements of a successful retail store is the availability of a nearby parking lot for its customers (including potential customers). Faced with increasing demographic pressure on parking lots in cities, supermarkets are faced with several recurring problems such as:

  • Under-utilization of their parking spaces at night when they can help out local residents
  • Trespassing of any vehicles during opening hours
  • Wanting residents of the district to have a positive image of their business

Stand out at all costs

Supermarkets seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering additional services that improve the consumer experience, while some of the misconceived concerns of daily life push consumers into competition. Parking spaces are an excellent example, from our experience. 

Several companies like BePark offer services to make mobility smarter and this includes improving the mobility experience for all existing businesses. As far as supermarkets are concerned, you can rely on an intelligent mobility player to manage your parking lots optimally, while increasing traffic in your stores. 

Offer the best possible parking experience

Since it is important for supermarkets to offer a better mobility experience to residents, several companies offer to support you in this process through different means. Their solutions allow you to rent your underutilized spaces to people living nearby who need a parking space. This approach helps to build a good image of your store in the neighborhood. 

You can also get help to promote these unused places both online and offline, through several marketing channels such as flyers and Google ads for example. This way, the inhabitants of the surrounding area can be informed of the availability of your parking lot and at the same time, you can enjoy a better visibility of your store, from a local point of view. 

Similarly, multi-site brands are not left out because the solutions are always adaptable, depending on the situation of each store. 

The Delhaize case

Take the case of the Delhaize chain of stores. Like most large retail stores, Delhaize faced a recurring trespass problem during opening hours. On the other hand, the brand's parking spaces were never used at night, although they could be a very good parking alternative for district residents and also a good source of income for Delhaize.

Sharing its parking lots has been an excellent way for the brand to solve the parking problems of its customers and the community, and it is in this way that it is able to integrate its various sites with local neighborhoods.

The solutions in detail here 

It does not stop there. In addition to solving its parking problems, Delhaize was able to generate additional revenue from the rental of these spaces, a very satisfactory result when you consider that the company has invested almost nothing in its parking spaces. It has simply been able to optimize access to its parking lots.


In other words, several things are certain if you decide to trust a mobility actor such as BePark to manage your parking spaces: 

  • You will create a good local brand image by renting your spaces to residents who need them.
  • You will get help promoting your parking spaces online and offline and gain visibility and traffic in your stores.
  • Thanks to a continuous control of access to your parking lot, you will no longer have to deal with ordinary trespassers but rather with your real customers who will have a safe parking space when they come to shop at your place. Satisfaction guaranteed. 
  • Additional income that did not require you to make any initial investment or effort (depending of course on the condition of your parking lot). 


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