Interview with the Launay group: How the parking policy allows the company to adapt to the needs of its employees.

January 27, 2021

Parking is a valuable resource for everyone, especially for companies that want to take care of their employees by offering them various services. As the evolution of companies leads to an increase in the number of employees, the quantity of parking spaces initially planned becomes insufficient. 

This is the problem faced by the Launay group, which decided to implement a parking policy  to be able to meet the needs of its employees and to offer an additional service by optimizing the use of the parking lot.

The 55 employees of the property developer working in downtown Rennes share the 30 parking spaces made available by the company. 

Nine years ago, the group had fewer than 30 employees. Since then, the number of employees has increased, as has the demand for parking. Despite the easy access to the headquarters via public transport, the company was receiving temporary or permanent requests for parking that it could no longer satisfy. 

Since the group did not want to take parking spaces away from employees who were already using them, the implementation of a parking policy was a matter of course. This provides other employees with the opportunity to benefit from parking spaces that they will share according to availability and need. They can also use the parking space of absent persons who have vacated their space beforehand. 

We spoke with Mr Jean-Marc Morel, Secretary General of the Launay Group, about the implementation of this parking policy and its results in the company parking lot. 

Amandine: How did you implement your parking policy? 

Jean-Marc Morel: We first tried it with office automation tools, but it didn't work. On top of that, it takes time, someone has to take care of it, you have to create tables, you have to go fishing for information...

In order for the parking policy we wanted to implement to work optimally, we needed a system that would allow us to manage the parking in real time and to see availability, notify release and reserve spaces in the parking lot. For this reason, we decided to use parking management software

A: Did the employees quickly understand how to use the platform? How did you support them in using this new technology? 

J-M Morel: Yes, the use of the tool is particularly intuitive. To accompany them, we transmitted the procedures provided by BePark, which are very simple. We nevertheless answered the questions of a few employees who were a little more distracted and who hadn't read the e-mails that circulated on this subject, but overall, getting to grips with the solution was relatively quick and easy

We also helped colleagues who had the option to use transportation other than their personal vehicle to get to work.

A: What feedback do your employees have regarding the implementation of the parking policy? 

J-M Morel: I've had positive feedback, we even had employees who thanked us for implementing this tool because some needed to take the car from time to time and now find the possibility of reserving a space, it makes their lives easier. We're simply in the process of adapting the quality of life at work, quite simply. This parking policy is an additional service we offer our employees.

A: After a few months of use, what conclusions do you draw from the implementation of this regulation in your company parking lot? 

J-M Morel: I think that everyone has to play the game. On the one hand you have the employer, who gives the means to use this tool, and on the other hand the employees who have to make it their own. The employer has to be incentivized, regularly remind employees at the beginning, remind them to vacate their place when they are not present for one reason or another. Using this tool must become a reflex for all employees, because it is by using it that they will be able to allow others to benefit from a parking space. After a few months, it's not yet a reflex for everyone, but it's gaining momentum.


The implementation of a parking policy using parking management software has enabled the Launay Group to offer an additional service to its employees by meeting their parking needs. A simple and efficient solution for a more pleasant daily life. 

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