Why implement a parking policy within your company?

October 12, 2020

Do you have a private parking lot within your company? Are you facing some problems concerning the management of it? Your employees are not satisfied with the parking? Or on the contrary, everything is going well in your parking lot? 

No matter what situation you find yourself in, the parking policy can bring a lot of positive benefits to your company. 

Let's start with a brief explanation. The parking policy is a system that is applied within the company to regulate parking in the company parking lot. It aims at optimizing the management of the parking lot by implementing several solutions and functionalities in response to the complexity of the problems encountered. Generally speaking, this management policy allows for the fluidity of vehicle traffic both outside and inside the parking lot. This policy is therefore carried out within the framework of global mobility management.


How does a parking policy represent a real asset for your company?


Unlock (im)mobility by making a more efficient use of space

Every day, we observe that 15 to 20% of employees are absent or at least not present at their place of work. Among these workers, we can imagine that some of them have a parking space in your company parking lot. When they do not go to the office, their space will therefore remain unoccupied while other employees could have benefited from this space. A parking policy will allow you to make the most of this space but also to optimize the occupancy rate of your parking lot as much as possible. 

How is this possible? You can make this parking policy work with the help of a reservation system available via parking management software. In this way, employees will be able to book their space in advance, but also cancel their reservation if a last-minute impediment arises. The space initially reserved would be available again for another employee looking for a parking space.

Keeping this optimization idea in mind, we can easily imagine how this parking policy can be useful in order to cope with legislations such as COBRACE in Brussels; or French initiatives to encourage the modal shift from cars to other more sustainable modes of travel. As the number of parking spaces allowed per office building is being reduced, it is important that each space is used wisely. It is also important to do everything possible to ensure that it is occupied throughout the day by different employees who will share it according to their needs and schedules. 

Well being employees

Adopt a CSR approach through parking policy

As a reminder, a company's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach is mainly based on its contribution to sustainable development. Many actions are implemented in companies to reduce their carbon footprint. The parking policy and the mobility plan are among these actions. By having a direct impact on the mobility of your employees, you contribute to the reduction of your company's carbon footprint

How can you have an impact on your employees' mobility? By granting a limited number of parking sessions to people who can get to work by other means of transportation.

If this is your desire, it will be your duty to provide these people with the necessary elements to make this transfer of mobility as simple and pleasant as possible. For example, you can offer the guarantee of daily access to your parking lot to employees who commute to the office by bicycle. Once inside the parking lot, they will be able to deposit their bikes in a room reserved for this purpose. You can also guarantee a place for the carpooler’s car. The option of public transportation is a point that should not be overlooked. If your company is easily accessible via shared transportation and it is easy for your employees to get to work in this way, you can, for example, contribute to their travel expenses to compensate for unallocated parking sessions. 

By constructing your parking policy in this way, you participate in the modal shift from cars to more environmentally friendly means of transport. It is an effective instrument for reducing the volume of traffic and the resulting environmental nuisances, both in and outside the city. 

Participate in improving the well-being of your employees at work

A parking policy allows your employees to know in advance whether or not they have space in your parking lot. They will therefore be able to relieve themselves of the daily stress of looking for a parking space, as they will be able to adapt their means of transport according to their access. 

If, when developing your parking policy, you take all the necessary criteria into account, such as the mobility needs of your employees, they will find the distribution of access and therefore parking spaces more equitable. If some people felt discriminated against in your company parking lot, this will no longer be the case with such a system. An employee will be more fulfilled at work if he feels heard and taken into account.

By providing employees with a more pleasant parking experience, their entire day will be impacted. A happy employee is an employee who will also be more efficient. The happiness of your workforce is directly linked to the smooth running of your business. 

Thanks to parking management software, through which you implement your parking policy, you will be able to have a precise idea about the identity of the people within your parking lot since access will be regulated. This will contribute to the improvement of security in your company parking lot. This feeling of security is reflected in your employees and may increase their willingness to work with you for a longer period of time. 


The parking policy is an interesting tool if you want to make the most of your space while adopting a CSR approach beneficial to sustainable development. Your employees will also benefit daily from this organization: they will save time and relieve themselves of the stress related to the search for a parking space.

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