What is Parking Policy?

November 30, 2020

In recent years, corporate parking has been confronted with various changes, such as the emergence of strict regulations or the intermittent presence of employees practicing flex office.
In order to cope with these new measures and habits, it is important for companies to optimize the use of their parking facilities in order to limit the amount of money spent on parking while continuing to meet employees' parking needs.

How to optimize the use of your parking? With a parking policy!

Through this article, discover the principles of a parking policy and the benefits of its application within your company.


Fundamental principles

A parking policy allows you to optimize the management of your parking lot by implementing several solutions and functionalities in response to the complexity of the problem encountered. Generally speaking, this management policy allows the fluidity of vehicle traffic inside and outside the parking lot.

In order to create a parking policy perfectly adapted to your needs, it is essential to know the parking needs specific to your company. To do so, you will need to be able to answer a few questions about your company in general and the mobility habits of your employees. For example:

  • Total number of workers (and visitors) driving to work
  • The attendance rate
  • The occupancy rate of the parking lot
  • Are there staff members with guaranteed access to the parking lot?

We have prepared for you a complete list of questions to ask when creating your parking policy.

Download a checklist of the questions about parking policy in PDF format

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Its application through technology

The implementation of a parking policy most often suggests the use of technology since it allows for a more concrete and optimal analysis of users' daily tasks.

Thus, a SaaS software can be a good alternative for parking management. This management tool allows a simple and effective management of your parking lots without you having to lift a finger. With such a software you will be able to activate and deactivate users, change their access rights according to needs (departure from the company, change of function, etc.), grant a number of parking credits according to the decisions made during the policy development. You will also be able to obtain complete parking data via a simplified dashboard and analyze the planned and actual use of your parking facility.


The benefits of its application

Benefits for the employees

  • The parking policy allows to bring a fairer regulation within the company.

  • No more stress and uncertainty about finding a parking space, employees will know in advance whether they have a space in the parking lot or not.

  • If the parking policy has been developed according to everyone's mobility criteria, employees will feel more listened to and gain confidence.

Benefits for the company

  • A financial gain: sustainable management of your parking lot reduces costs for the company, while ensuring the efficiency of the company. It also saves time.

  • Reducing traffic congestion and smoothing vehicle traffic in the parking lot by guiding employees to available places.

Benefits for the collectivity

  • A gain for the environment and mobility: a sustainable parking policy encourages a modal shift from cars to more environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Parking policy mini guide parking management

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