3 solutions to improve your company's parking experience

July 30, 2019

Parking should be taken into account in the management of your fleet because it's a precursor of stress, wasted time and potential fines. But this is not inevitable! You have several levers for optimization available at your disposal to help your employees in their daily work.

How can you make it easier for them to find a parking space? What is the current legislation regarding vehicle parking? What are the advantages of implementing a parking policy for your parking lot?

  • Artificial intelligence as a factor of progress
  • The 3 tools to improve your user's parking experience


Artificial intelligence as a factor of progress.

Technology is constantly and rapidly evolving with increasingly high consumer expectations. Its development actively participates in new practical, atypical and personal experiences.

Artificial intelligence can transform customer experience and create value for companies. By collecting a set of data and statistics, AI can establish the key parameters for customer retention through retention rate and number of repeated purchases.

This technology also allows companies to automate their interactions with their customers quickly and concisely. With this, companies can provide a more immediate and personalized response and address individual issues while reducing service costs and improving customer service.

This artificial intelligence is now found in many sectors, including parking. It will therefore play a very important role in improving corporate parking.


The 3 tools to improve your user's parking experience.

Whether the company is large or small, close to public transportation or not, efficient parking management can guarantee a more serene and sometimes, even more fluid accessibility for its staff, visitors or other delivery agents. It can also sometimes serve as a lever and thus promote the modal shift (change in the usual mode of travel) of some of its employees.

Thus, the 3 tools to effectively improve your users' parking experience are as follows:

1. Implementation of a mobility plan

The Mobility Plan is a set of measures designed to optimize and increase the efficiency of a company's employee travel, to reduce carbon emissions and reduce road traffic.

The mobility plan promotes the use of alternative modes of transport in contrast to the private car. Its implementation is encouraged by public authorities. It has many advantages for firms, employees and the community.


2. Implementation of parking management software 

In order to optimize the management of your parking, what could be better than parking management software?

It will allow you to create and manage your entire parking policy according to your own rules. The objective is to improve the occupancy rate of their parking and to limit any negative externalities.


3. Increase the number of parking spaces in your company

Not having enough parking spaces within your company can be a real problem that you need to address in order to diminish stress and frustration for your employees, while reducing your costs.

Specialized companies are opening private parking lots for you near your business to accommodate employee parking needs. Interested? Learn more about this service here.

Want to know if your current parking management is providing a good mobility experience for your employees? Take this quiz and you'll get the answer!

Want to read more about employee mobility? Our guide on the subject is waiting for you!

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