New regulation imposes charging stations for Brussels car parks

November 21, 2022

3 questions every facility manager should ask themselves before installing electric charging stations

As legislators push to meet zero-emissions objectives, regulations that encourage greener mobility and push towards the use of electric cars are implemented everywhere. The Brussels region sets a particularly ambitious goal for companies: by 2025, it will be compulsory for companies to equip 10% of their parking spots with electric charging stations. By 2030, that number will be up to 20%.

A strategically minded facility manager knows not to take this lightly. With the right approach, companies can go beyond complying with the regulation and leverage it into a development that benefits the company's mobility objectives and enhance employees' mobility experience.

We've listed 3 questions to consider before installing electric charging stations in your company parking lot.



1. How will your company's mobility policy and parking needs evolve?

Installing charging stations is quite an investment. So this is the moment to think long-term. Consider not only the national and regional regulations but also your company's mobility policy and future goals.

Start by taking a look at your overall sustainability and ESG objectives. What does your current mobility policy look like, and which steps still need to be implemented in the middle and long term to reach the objectives? As the need for clean mobility becomes increasingly clear, and hybrid work becomes the norm, it makes sense to anticipate a policy that favors soft mobility. 

Or does your company aim to eliminate parking spots in the future to comply with CoBRaCe and save on environmental taxes? 

Either way, if eliminating spots in your car park is on the table, it may be well worth doing so sooner; as it could mean needing to install fewer chargers.

2. Who will have access to the charging stations and how?

It's likely that not every parking user will have unlimited access to the charging stations. So how will you manage who has access to which spots and when?

A parking management system can be used to give only designated users access to the spots equipped with chargers. To ensure fair usage, you can even define an order of priority for this access. For example by giving preferential access to drivers living in urban areas who can't safely charge at home. 

Through a system of credits or booking rights, you can impose limits on how often or how long someone can use the company charging stations, and even link it to your existing mobility budget.


When working with a booking system, you may wonder: what if drivers don't respect the booking? If the chargers are physically accessible to anyone in the parking lot, there's always a risk that some users will take up a charger without booking it. 

The most effective way to counter unauthorized charging is by separating those spots with a physical barrier that will only open for those who have made a reservation. 

Similarly, by installing the charging station between two spots, freeing up the charger for the next person becomes more efficient as it eliminates the need to move two cars. 

Another concern might be when people make a reservation that they don't end up using. 

In both cases, you can use comprehensive insights about usage to continuously streamline the process and reduce cases of misuse. 

3. How can your parking lot be a lever for better mobility?

Complying with the Brussels regulation may be the main goal, but that doesn't mean that you can't go above and beyond.

Simply having the chance to charge your electric vehicle at work will make many employees happy. But why stop there? 

When implemented in tandem with a fully integrated mobility plan, electric charging stations can take the mobility experience of employees to a whole new level, which can in turn be a lever for employer branding and support efforts to attract and retain employees. 

By using a strategic, future-oriented approach, and prioritizing parking management, you can make informed choices about the installation of electric charging stations in your car park. 

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