3 tips to increase the occupancy rate of your parking

March 16, 2020

Parking in the city is always a complex task; as a motorist you are certainly all aware of this. Many private parking lots remain unoccupied a good part of the time while many people live or work nearby and cannot find parking spaces on the street. You can do something about this and open up your parking lot to more people.

Discover in this article 3 tips to increase the occupancy rate of your parking:

1. Mutualize your parking space

If you own or manage a parking lot, it is essential to make it profitable. If it remains unused for part of the time, be aware that this is a loss not to be neglected.

Make your parking spaces available to users in order to generate income from your unused parking spaces. In this way, you will help motorists to find a parking space close to their home or workplace. 

As a property manager or owner, pooling your unused assets is a sustainable alternative to consider.

This action is clearly part of a CSR approach.

2. Make your parking a mobility hub

Turning your parking into a real sharing space will allow you to attract many users and thus increase its occupancy rate.

For example, the installation of terminals for recharging electric cars could be an effective solution. Offer a space dedicated to car washing in your parking to combine parking and cleanliness of your vehicle.

Do not underestimate the importance of versatility in a parking lot: set up solutions such as electric bike and scooter rentals so that workers can park and use them easily.


3. Facilitate access to your parking

Finally, make your parking lot more profitable and offer your users a quick and easy way to access it. With the development of technology, more and more parking management solutions allow you to digitize your parking and make it accessible by mobile phone. A solution such as this, because of its practicality and simplicity, attracts a large number of motorists because it allows them to manage access to their parking themselves.

In conclusion, it should be noted that a more efficient management of parking demand can improve the use of limited parking capacity in high-demand areas. Due to the rapid expansion of urban areas in recent years, parking management has become a major issue in alleviating congestion, while meeting the diverse sustainable development needs of cities.

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