4 tips to enhance the value of your parking assets

January 27, 2020

Parking lots are not necessarily the places we think of automatically when it comes to generating passive income or even improving the well-being of our employees.

However, these parking places can be very useful and lucrative when they are optimized and valued. Safety, accessibility and smart mobility are three terms that we will develop to help you optimize your parking lot.

In order to make the most of your spaces, while keeping in mind the major constraints we all face, we offer you 4 tips to enhance the value of your parking lot, perhaps to increase your passive income.

  • Increase the security of your parking lots
  • Transform your space into a smart parking lot
  • Give more importance to multimodal travel
  • Collaborate with companies in shared parking lots

1. Increase the security of your parking lots

As a result, your users will feel safe in their parking as well as in their vehicles. You will also be able to create loyalty among your existing users and attract new customers.

You can add pedestrian areas and better indicators for cars. This will drastically improve safety and the mobility experience. Too many accidents still occur in parking lots with poor pedestrian flow and lack of signage.

In addition, by optimizing the light in your parking, which will provide a better parking experience and reduce eye fatigue. Good light will be more pleasant to drive and park in without damaging your vehicle. Also reduce shaded areas and opt for rust-resistant lighting.

You can also find the salient points concerning the safety of a parking lot through an article we have published.



2.Transform your parking space into a smart parking lot:

With parking management software, you can facilitate your daily operations and control the flow of parking to improve the parking and mobility experience. A control solution will therefore improve your ecosystem while maintaining permanent control over traffic and access to your spaces.

Indeed, you will also be able to optimize the available spaces. As a result, you will directly increase the traffic within your space, which will be much more fluid and the experience will be more pleasant. Consequently, these flows directly affect the reduction of the risk of vandalism thanks to the constant influx of people.


3. Give more importance to multimodal travel:

This will enhance your mobility and daily parking experience. If, in your parking, you set up boxes with scooters or electric bikes for example, you could arrive at your home as well as your workplace by optimizing your time and mobility experience.

Additionally, if you are able to travel during times when traffic is not as congested, by leaving earlier or later in the morning, you can avoid getting stuck in traffic and make the commute more pleasant. These are the main challenges of MaaS for the years to come.

By optimizing transport, you are also helping to reduce your carbon footprint and act for our future generation.



4.Collaborate with companies in shared parking lots:

This will allow you to quickly increase your number of tenants. You can see that hundreds of drivers are desperately looking for spaces, causing slowdowns that add up. These expert companies can help change and improve mobility habits. It's a direct way to increase your passive income without any effort on your part. Beyond that, you directly help the company to create a better mobility experience that will impact traffic, and therefore: the environment will thank you!

In conclusion, these few tips, which are very simple to implement, can provide a new parking experience for your users. They will also save you time, improve safety and security, enhance your mobility experience and, above all, enhance the value of your parking lot.

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