How Orange integrated smart parking to empower employees?

April 3, 2020

Orange is one of the largest telecommunications groups in the world with more than 250 million customers and 95,000 employees in France and abroad. After the consolidation of its regional offices to two sites in Lyon Part Dieu, they wanted to improve the empowerment of their employees.

Discover in this blog article how Orange and BePark have been working together to integrate smart parking to empower their employees and make their parking experience easier.


The challenges Orange was facing

Finding enough parking spaces for their employees

The first problem for Orange was the lack of parking spaces for their employees in the crowded area of its regional offices at two sites in Lyon Part Dieu. It was therefore crucial for Orange to find enough parking spaces so that all employees would be able to park easily and quickly so that the mobility experience was good from the beginning. 


Improving the parking management of the company

A second challenge Orange needed to improve seriously was whether its managing access for the mobility team or booking and releasing their spot was easy for the employees. 


The solutions offered

It is through the owner of the office building, with whom BePark collaborates on other subjects, that Orange contacted our company to explore these two challenges and help their employees improve their mobility experience.

  • BePark quickly found 4 parking lots located less than 500 meters away from Orange's new offices. BePark and Orange organized a provision of the 4 parking lots in three waves corresponding to the arrival of the employees on site. Therefore, the first problem of finding parking places for the employees was solved
  • Secondly, with BePark's parking management software, Orange is able to manage the parking and the access online. It allows employees to manage their parking spot and their access in the parking directly through an application
  • The employees save precious time and this improves the total satisfaction of the company


The results due to the efforts of Orange and BePark

Orange has successfully increased the empowerment of its employees thanks to BePark's smart parking solutions. Now Orange has the ability to offer its employees a perfect parking solution located a stone’s throw away from their office. Furthermore, the collaboration made the life of the mobility team of Orange much easier, thanks to the parking management system. This makes it for the parking admins more easy to grant different types of access for the parking users.


  • Created 110 parking spots on 4 different parking lots
  • 2 parking lots are managed via BePark Platform for an optimal parking usage
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