5 tips to encourage your employees to bike to work

June 19, 2020

In France, only 2% of working people commute to work by bike, which is very little compared to countries such as Denmark. But since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, less and less people want to use public transportation: it’s a great opportunity to develop new habits and bike to work

In this article, find out what practice your company can set up to encourage your employees to use alternative transportation more regularly: 

1. Company bikes for a positive environmental impact

Cycling will serve the environment. Experts say “greenhouse gas emissions have to be reduced by 40% by 2050 to have a chance of staying below the critical 2° threshold"; cycling would greatly contribute to this reduction. 

Did you know that transportation was responsible for 30% of CO2 emissions? Within this 30%, 72% is caused by road transport.

You could provide your employees with company bicycles instead of company cars. Cycling is a healthy mode of transport that doesn't pollute! What if you provided company bicycles for your employees in order to encourage them, and raise their awareness for this type of transport to facilitate their home-to-work journeys. This will enable you to contribute to the reduction of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

2. An encouragement allowance for biking per kilometer

Cycling is a financial benefit for both the employer and the employee. The encouragement allowance for biking per kilometer covers part of the expenses incurred by the employee. Biking to work and benefit from 25 cents per kilometer.

This is called the "sustainable mobility package". This allowance is attractive for both management and employees because it is exempt from income tax and social security contributions, provided the sum is less than €200.

3. A bonus for the purchase of an electrically assisted bike

What if you gave a bonus to employees who buy an electric bike? There's nothing better to motivate your team to cycle to work on a more regular basis! 

In fact, the government grants an aid called the "electric-bicycle bonus". Local authorities are responsible for issuing this bonus when an employee buys a new bike.

bike garage company

4. Bike parking solution for your company

In order to encourage your employees to favor the use of bicycles, you can provide them with a bicycle garage within your company. With this system, your employees will know they have a safe place to leave their bicycles during their work day.

The installation of shower areas will also encourage employees to use bicycles because they would be able to take a shower after cycling to work. Another important idea to take into account is that physical activity before work allows employees to be more efficient because they feel more motivated and more productive.

5. A parking management software to implement initiatives to promote the use of bikes

Parking management software allows you to differentiate the access of your employees. Such SaaS software allows you to implement your parking policy, for example. In this policy, you can decide to guarantee a parking space for people who ride their bikes to work every day. 

If they are guaranteed a parking space for their bike, they will be more inclined to use this means of transport to get to your premises. 

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