3 advantages to efficient management of your company's parking lot

April 23, 2021

The world's population has grown rapidly and is estimated to exceed 9 billion by 2045. The number of cars on the road also continues to grow rapidly and is expected to reach 2 billion by 2040. Faced with this trend, the need for parking is also increasing.

In the professional world, companies are confronted with the continual organization of their employees’ commute to and from work, but also for their customers.

Travel needs are increasing and even if a part of those needs is successfully met by public transit, there still remains a significant part of travel that is completed in an individual way (van, car, bicycle, scooter, etc.). This reality often leads to complex management of the company's parking lots.

To solve this problem, some companies offer parking management software, which allows you to manage your corporate parking lot efficiently. But what is parking management software really worth? And what are the benefits of efficient management?


Saving time and money

The use of a software for the management of your company parking lot allows you to have a clear and precise view on the use of the parking lot in real time. The platform gives you the possibility to empower your employees. They can reserve a parking space for themselves according to their needs.

By using a parking management software, the occupancy rate of your company parking lot will be increased, no more underused parking spaces! Travel, holidays, sickness, outside meetings, etc... your employees can book or release their parking spaces based on their real-time needs. Without wasting any space and with the help of usage history, whether renting out your unoccupied places to generate income or renting extra places if you need them, you can make the best decisions. 

Thanks to the usage history and clear and precise dashboards, you will be able to make the best decisions regarding the management of your parking.

Efficient parking management reduces the operational and financial impact of parking management. Free up your time to devote it fully to your business, the platform has been designed to simplify the management of your parking lot. Manage accesses, analyze occupancy from a unique, easy-to-use interface.

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Analyze parking data

Improved security of your parking lot

The parking management software allows easy management of access granted to employees or visitors from a unique interface. For example, you can decide to provide regular access to employees and opt for occasional access for visitors.

Badges are a thing of the past; users will no longer need them to access the parking lot. No more fear of having your badge stolen and seeing an unauthorized person enter the parking lot. From now on, employees' smartphones will act as remote control to access the parking lot.

A user will only be able to enter the parking lot if you have granted him or her access rights beforehand, when you have set up your parking policy, for example.

This access system allows you to benefit from better security within the parking lot.

Improved employee satisfaction

According to a study, 80% of the French working population take the car to work, and it is the only transport choice for 49% of them. With this high percentage of car drivers, you can understand how important it is for a company to have a parking management software that ensures parking optimization, to guarantee a positive parking experience for every employee.

An efficient parking management will allow your employees to plan their trips; they will no longer have to worry on a daily basis about finding a parking space near the workplace. This reduced weight will contribute to improving the well-being and happiness of your employees, and we all know that a happy employee is an efficient employee.

The services provided to employees are important when recruiting or retaining the workforce. If your company is facing parking problems, a parking management software would be the perfect service to meet the needs of your employees.

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Efficient parking management can only benefit your company. It creates a more pleasant daily life for the employees but also for the parking manager, who will free up his time thanks to the ease of planning and use of the parking management software. On top of that, digital access management brings additional security to your parking lot.

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