5 tips to promote sustainable mobility within your company

January 15, 2020

Everyone understands the concept of mobility, but what about sustainable mobility? What would the definition of sustainable mobility be?

By mobility, we mean all the means aimed at facilitating the movement of people. Sustainability is characterized by the intersection of three central aspects: social, ecological and economic.

Thus, mobility is said to be sustainable when it has a social and ecological dimension and when it offers more economical models. These three spheres work in synergy.

In this article, we offer 5 tips for promoting sustainable mobility in your company.

1. Enhancing public transportation

Promoting public transportation means not only opting for a less polluting means of transportation, but also promoting its HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) policy. There are various ways to encourage employees to use public transportation.

One of them is to fully or partially finance their transportation passes. When a large number of  employees travel by car, this tends to congest cities and pollute them.

If, on the other hand, the majority of these employees use public transportation, the carbon footprint per employee will be reduced.

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2. Encouraging carpooling

Like public transportation, carpooling reduces the volume of CO2 emitted per inhabitant. If you encourage carpooling within your company, not only will it help to improve cohesion between the different employees, but you will also opt for a healthier and greener mode of transportation. There are several possibilities to do this, the most common being to set up an in-house carpooling platform. This can be done via a group in social networks or in collaborative software such as Slack.

You can also use an external carpooling application. Many carpooling applications such as Klaxit, Karos, Blablacar etc. can be used to connect drivers and passengers for short trips. Above all, many of them work in B2B, which allows your company to have evidence of your real ability to take care of your employees while enhancing your HSE policy.

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3. Encouraging bicycle use

For employees within a reasonable distance of your company, the bicycle is a reliable and non-polluting means of transportation. Encouraging travel by bicycle will help you to promote sustainable mobility within your company. This can be done, for example, by financing the purchase of bicycles for your employees or by providing a fleet of company bicycles

You can also encourage the use of bicycles by installing bicycle facilities to show that cyclists are welcome among you! This can be bicycle parking, or secure places where your employees can store their bikes.

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4. Teleworking: why not?

Some people believe that to be a productive person, it is necessary to be under the eye of your supervisor. However, many companies have taken the step towards teleworking. In addition to being flexible, it reduces employee travel and therefore their carbon footprint. Even if some jobs do not lend themselves to such an exercise, others can be practiced in home working, sometimes even 100%!

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5. Improving the parking experience

One of the reasons for the congestion of cities is the lack of fluidity in parking. This fluidity is becoming less and less efficient due to the scarcity of parking spaces.

For this reason, some companies propose to improve the parking experience of your employees, especially with the help of a parking management software

How can parking management software help to de-clutter the streets? Companies using such software allow their employees to plan their mobility. They will know if a space in the company's parking lot is available for them or not before they start. Each employee will be able to plan when he will come to the office according to this availability. Each user of the parking lot will be autonomous and able to reserve his own parking space according to his specific needs. 

You want to know if your current parking management offers a good mobility experience to your employees? Take this quiz to have the answer!


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