How can parking optimization help real estate companies?

November 30, 2020

What are the consequences of an ever-changing world for real estate operators? In this blog, we dive deeper into the correlation between real estate, parking optimization, and happy tenants. Taking Befimmo as an example of a real estate operator, we explain how the optimization of their parking spaces helps make their corporate vision into an operational reality.

Who is Befimmo?

Befimmo is a Regulated Real Estate Company (SIR) listed on Euronext Brussels, with more than 100 office buildings. The real estate of Befimmo is sustainable in terms of location and architecture, as well as environmental friendliness. Their main offerings include offices, meeting centers, and coworking spaces with well-known tenants from the banking, IT, insurance, and co-working sector.

The company is visionary, anticipating its buildings, and offers a wide range of services to its occupants, which allows them to develop the future work world.


Added value for tenants

Nowadays, tenants want more than just a space for themselves and their employees, and so does Befimmo. Befimmo wants to be the real estate partner for its customers, making their buildings become places for meetings, experiences, and exchanges. This is what they call “Befimmo Environments”.

To create this experience to its customers, Befimmo provides each customers with a wide network of buildings where they can use various services, such as co-working spaces, meeting rooms, cafeterias, and also parking spaces.

Improving the management of all its parking lots allows Befimmo to offer its users an experience worthy of their vision, allowing them to:

  • Bring added value to tenants
  • Reduce the operational management of the tenants' building
  • Communicate services and goods between tenants, making them part of the Befimmo community

With this in mind, Befimmo’s challenge is to continue to opt for parking leases while allowing tenants to adopt the usage rules of their spaces to their own needs, but also to be able to make use of additional services within the parking lots, such as terminals, bicycles, etc.

From vision into operational reality

Befimmo was looking for a partner that could help them turn their vision into an operational reality at the parking lot level. After Befimmo researching the market for this service in 2018, BePark was chosen to turn their vision into a concrete solution. To make this happen, BePark’s solution was implemented for all the tenants of the Triomphe building.

After listening to Befimmo’s needs, BePark was able to offer a personalized solution. This solution brought together the respective knowledge and ambition of Befimmo and BePark, which included a desire to make parking management simpler while adding value for tenants, achieving these specific benefits:

  • Creating the possibility of subletting parking spaces
  • Saving time thanks to simpler parking management
  • Having a more enhanced parking experience 

These implemented solutions will make it easier for tenants to comply with lease requirements related to parking, since they will have increased flexibility in how they use their parking spaces. Moreover, they will have the security and convenience of not having to worry about other tenants or visitors parking in their reserved spaces. 

BePark's mission is not just to install and implement its solutions but also to support its clients. This means that both Befimmo and the tenants were briefed on the usage of the installed access technology and software, and an adaptation phase was set up so that each person with access to the parking lot could get used to and understand this new technology.

Results of the collaboration

Real estate operators will always seek to anticipate the ever-changing needs of the tenants in their buildings. For this reason, Befimmo plans to progressively implement BePark’s solution within its different buildings to standardize the way it manages its parking lots. Today the Triomphe building represents the first in a long line of buildings that have yet to benefit from BePark’s solution. This building represents:

  • 450 parking spaces
  • 9 tenants, with 2 - 100 places each
  • A reduction of the parking management burden
  • Respected lease by each tenant

Each of these tenants now has the ability to manage the parking spaces according to their needs.

Click here to download the case study in PDF format.

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