Real estate developers: 5 reasons why you should work with BePark to enhance the value of your parking assets

December 11, 2019

BePark has been working with various industries for more than 9 years to help them optimize the management of their parking lots. We have been able to use this experience acquired in each core business to intervene in a similar way on major real estate development projects, whether mixed or not.

We understand how important efficient parking management is for real estate developers. This can be complex: unclear parking visibility, lost time, taxes, controls, user complaints or hidden costs.

Real estate projects often raise parking issues regarding: 

  • The profitability of under-utilised parking lots
  • Lack of space for users 
  • Efficient parking management 

The parking management and optimization tools  offered by BePark allow developers to offload all of these problems. The BePark solution is designed to simplify parking management and is tailored to the needs of each real estate development project.

Here's what you can achieve in the parking lots of your real estate projects with the BePark solution:

1. Build fewer parking spaces thanks to the diversity of your project

BePark's integrated software solution enables shared parking, which means that a parking space will be used by different people over a given period of time because users do not have the same needs. This makes it possible to : 

  • Reduce the number of spaces to build
  • Optimize parking, to provide a way to add value when spaces are not used
  • Value under-exploited places

BePark brings its expertise in this area by determining for each project the optimal number of spaces to build while optimizing their profitability.

For a mixed project, the number of spaces can be greatly reduced because the different users do not have the same use for them.

Our goal is to accompany you in the calculations of mutualization and valuation, in the contractualization with the owners, and also to set up marketing campaigns that will allow you to rent the parking spaces to external users throughout the life of your project. We can also sell uses, quantities, or access rights according to your project and your wishes.

2. Improve the profitability of the parking lot 

We give you the possibility to open your parking lot to the neighborhood so that external people can use the empty spaces in an automated and safe way

This will allow you to benefit from a regular income on the parking spaces made available to residents, but also to connect the parking lot to its environment. The opening of your parking lot allows you to develop a project that is beneficial to local residents and helps to decongest the neighborhood.

profitability parking lot

3. Free yourself from urban planning constraints

Shared parking is an effective way to meet the constraints imposed by local legislation

If you do not have enough parking spaces: mutualization will allow you to share your parking spaces between different users over different periods so that everyone can benefit from a parking space when they need it. 

If you have too many parking spaces: renting parking spaces to local residents will allow you to make your space profitable while generating a regular income.

4. Create a multimodal mobility hub

Our ambition is to transform the parking facility into an element of neighborhood life, to make it a mobility hub. This will enable us to build an ecosystem that meets the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We are doing everything we can to encourage more responsible travel by providing users with additional services such as carpooling, electric recharge points, collection/delivery points, scooters, bicycles, etc. 

 5. Optimize parking management

The BePark solution gives you the opportunity to digitize your parking, thanks to its parking management platform. The technical solutions coupled with this software facilitate access to the parking lot, allowing you to anticipate and fluidify the entrances/exits

A clear reporting of parking data also allows you to make better decisions to make the most of your space and optimize it.

6. Enhance the value of parking lots on sites awaiting permits or undergoing rehabilitation

For some projects, a parking lot is already present on the premises, but it is not used.

We help you to generate income during the entire construction or rehabilitation period of your project, this will allow you to make the parking lot profitable throughout this period.

For example:

A building is to be rehabilitated over a period of 18 months and a 100-space parking lot to be used by the future owners already exists. By implementing our solution, we have the opportunity to enhance it to generate recurring revenues.

We take care of everything so that the owner can derive an optimal income from the parking lot without having to take care of it.



By setting up efficient parking management with the BePark solution, you will be able to meet the various challenges usually encountered in real estate project parking lots. Thanks to a simple and easy to use solution, under-utilized parking lots can be made profitable and the needs of users can be met. 

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