Success story: the partnership Izix-Vaigo

February 11, 2022

Following the deployment of a new Mobility plan at Proximus, Izix had the great opportunity to work in close partnership with the Budget Mobility platform provider Vaigo. Integrated into Vaigo's platform, this success story illustrates the power of partnerships supporting the transition toward sustainable and flexible mobility. 

A successful partnership collaboration
In 2021, in their ambition to reinvent mobility, Proximus launched a brand new, sustainable and multimodal mobility plan for all employees. The mobility budget encompasses a variety of mobility options and gives each employee the flexibility to select the most suited combination. Incorporated into their digital ecosystem, Vaigo was selected as the solution to centralize the management of this budget. 

Early in their reflection, Proximus realized that amongst the mobility options, parking was to be included as an advantage for employees. Following Vaigo’s recommendation, Izix was chosen as the smart parking management solution with the idea of including the cost of the parking into the mobility budget. 

After a close collaboration, Vaigo integrated Izix’s solution providing users a seamless and simple experience. In Vaigo’s platform, each employee opts for their preferred parking options (annual subscription or on demande parking reservation) which gives them the possibility to access parking using Izix. Based on their choice and parking bookings done in Izix, the consumption is then being deducted from their mobility budget. As a result, users benefit from a single tool which enables them to consciously choose the most suited options to their needs.

Parking management: a complementary mobility enabler

While this success story certainly illustrates the added value of integrated solutions through partners, it also certainly demonstrates the broader role of partnership to support the spreading mobility transformation at companies. Beyond mobility budget platforms, Izix strongly believes that parking management is complementary to a wide variety of mobility solutions and services

How to facilitate and encourage carpooling in employees? Which mobility plan and parking rights to provide to employees? How to foster the use of shared vehicles? These are only a few examples of companies’ reflection and struggles when launching mobility initiatives. That is where Izix heavily relies on its ecosystem of partners to deliver unique value to companies and support them to face these challenges. In collaboration, or in integration with complementary solutions, our partners help us complete our mission to create a better mobility experience for this generation and the next.

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