5 Reasons To Properly Define Your Parking Policy

July 22, 2019

Parking policy includes all the measures put in place to allocate a parking space for each employee of a company; to keep the parking area safe and clean; and to establish rules for managing parking spaces, all with the aim of improving the parking experience for users.

When parking spaces within a company are effectively managed, many of the issues faced by users/employees can be resolved and in turn have a positive impact, particularly in regard of their mood and productivity.

Together, let's look at all the advantages of a good parking policy as well as factors and individuals involved in the optimal use of a parking lot. You will notice that there are significant positive aspects to this subject.

5 raisons de bien gérer votre Parking Policy

Save time and money for your company

As a company, the costs you can face are both direct and indirect. Direct costs are those that can be directly calculated and correspond to the rental of parking spaces for your employees. On the other hand, indirect costs are defined as the costs that cannot be directly traced. These are the most dangerous to your bottom line, since they are hidden and more difficult to observe and control. 

The time spent by your employees looking for a parking space every morning represents a considerable loss of money over a year. A parking policy will allow you to fill this gap by allocating spaces to each employee, which will help increase their productivity and therefore their efficiency in their daily work. 


Increase the well-being of your employees 

By easing vehicle traffic in your parking lot, you offer your employees a much more pleasant parking experience as they no longer have to worry about finding a parking space every morning before going to work. This way, you improve the general well-being of your employees, as they will start their day without any problems. Needless to say, a happy employee is an effective employee, who takes initiative and encourages others to follow him on the path to productivity! 

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Facilitate the work of fleet managers

If you are a fleet / facility manager, realize that optimal management of parking spaces will not only give you a clear and precise idea of the flow of vehicles in your parking lot, but also dematerialize the means of access to it. SaaS management software is the modern, efficient way to manage your parking lots. You will be able to activate and deactivate users or change their access rights as needed remotely with little effort.

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Reduce the impact of traffic on the environment

The environment is also part of the debate on traffic flow, both outside and inside parking lots. Because the time users spend looking for a parking space is reduced, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, successful parking management helps the environment. A sustainable parking policy also helps to encourage rational use of the car by workers.


Improve security in the parking lot

Having a clear idea of who has access to your parking lot will not only help you optimize traffic, it will also contribute to improving safety in your parking lot. This will allow your employees to feel safe and increase their desire to stay longer in the same company. 


In order to offer the best parking management solution to its users, BePark has implemented PLATFORM, a product / offer aimed at improving this management process while helping to preserve our shared environment. 


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