Property managers: how to achieve the proper enforcement of leases within the parking lot?

March 11, 2021

It is very common to find a large number of tenants belonging to different companies within the same building. The higher the number is, the more burdensome the daily tasks of the property managers will become. Managing a large number of tenants in the same building is not an easy task.

The parking lot of the buildings represents the meeting point between all these tenants. The expectations of the tenants are constantly increasing, as are their needs for flexibility. As a result, some of them may not always respect parking leases and use more spaces than they are allowed. This deprives other tenants of their parking space and generates more and more complaints for the building managers. 

As mobility continues to evolve, tenants are also experiencing new problems; such as the need for electric bollards in the parking lot, the ability to use shared vehicles, and the use of gentler means of transportation such as bicycles.

It is possible to meet these needs simply by sharing parking spaces. In this particular case, it would involve sharing parking spaces between the different tenants.  In this way, each tenant could benefit from the different services within the parking lot according to his or her needs. 

But how to ensure that the tenants respect the leases within the parking lot? We present the solution in this article. 

A parking management software to facilitate daily management and enforce leases

There is parking management software, such as the one offered by BePark, which allows a defined number of accesses to be assigned to each tenant. In this way, each tenant will have the same number of access to the parking lot as mentioned in the lease

The BePark platform, coupled with an access system installed on the existing barriers of the parking lots, will control the entrances and exits of the parking lot and count the remaining available spaces per tenant. The platform will automatically update the occupancy data in real-time. If a tenant has reached the maximum number of vehicles present simultaneously in the parking lot, the other vehicles associated with this tenant will no longer be able to access the parking lot. To access the parking lot, users simply need to bring their smartphone, which will act as a remote control

Each tenant will be able to work out a parking policy adapted to its quotas. They will have control over the management of their parking and will be able to improve the way they use the parking spaces allocated to them by setting up dedicated access rights that meet their specific needs. 

For example, it is entirely possible to distinguish between accesses to electric charging stations, bicycle accesses, and car-sharing accesses, which will provide value for use to the user.

Would you like to know more about this subject? We have a page dedicated to property managers to meet all of your parking needs.

The BePark solution simply adapts to any situation

Are you experiencing problems with respect to lease compliance with only a few tenants among the various assets you manage, or even with only one tenant? The BePark solution can be installed and used for a single tenant or multiple tenants, or even for all occupants or all of your managed assets. Every situation is unique, which is why the BePark platform is agile and flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual. 

Once the access system is installed in the parking lot, there is always room for evolution. It is possible to add users. If the needs of the tenants change, or if new tenants arrive in the building, they will also be able to use the parking management software with ease.

As a property manager, you are certainly asking yourself the question: What is my role in the implementation of this parking management solution? 

The answer is very simple. You can either decide to have BePark install our solution in the parking facility and train every user on the platform, or you can refer us to tenants with lease compliance issues so that we can work directly with them. 

Either way, you free yourself from the daily management of the parking facility and leave the tenants free to handle it with all the flexibility they need. All this while ensuring that every user of the BePark platform will respect their lease



Tenant complaints and lease violations are issues that can quickly consume your time without you really being able to resolve them.

Implementing the BePark solution within the parking facility will free up your time to focus on other equally important tasks while ensuring that every user is complying with their lease. You'll be relieved of any parking complaints with clear usage rules. The access system will ensure the security of your building. 

The use of such a software will also allow you to improve tenant satisfaction while guaranteeing an optimized use of the parking lot. Not to mention the added value for the building, thanks to the proposal of new innovative services

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