How can you opt for optimal parking management with Izix?

July 8, 2019

Mobility is one of the biggest challenges in our modern world, taking into account the movements of their employees is no longer a question of choice for companies. The optimization of mobility is now a watchword to follow, as it is a necessity in these modern times.

To achieve this optimization, several possibilities can be envisaged, including the implementation of a parking management online platform.

Providing such a parking management solution that accurately diagnoses and solves your parking challenges is the mission that Izix  strives to meet every day.

PLATFORM: A powerful Parking Management System

The Platform product was created to meet the mobility needs of companies in their parking management policy.

Our software is a real management tool that possesses the ability to create and manage all your parking policies based on your own rules.

For example, Izix Platform provides a better overview of occupancy forecasts for parking spaces in your facility and creates reports based on user history. This helps to improve occupancy rate of your parking and limit any negative externalities.

Access to parking for employees or visitors is no longer done through the use of a badge beforehand, but simply via the Izix mobile application that acts as a remote control. Parking managers can assign different access to their employees, visitors, partners, etc.

In addition, parking users can book or vacate their own parking space on their mobile phone without disturbing parking managers, allowing more than one person to use a single seat.

With Izix, you can be rest assured that your parking occupancy rate will increase by up to 30% and that your frustrations will be reduced at the same time!

The benefits for your company

The implementation of the Platform product provides many benefits both economically and socially to your company.

Here are the benefits:

  • Improves user satisfaction: Defining clear parking access rules allows you and your users to understand how and when they can benefit from a parking space under which conditions (priority rules).
  • Saves time and money: Better management of your parking will allow you to optimize its use and obtain occupancy data. Avoid unnecessary costs and make fact-based decisions.
  • Gives power to your users: Define the rules of the game and allow your users to manage their parking access by themselves. Extensive reporting allows you to monitor the situation effectively.

How much does it cost?

The price is determined by several factors:
  • The number of parking spaces you need to manage;
  • If these places are rented via Izix or not;
  • The features you would like to have in the software.

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Please note that Izix supports all the configuration and installation of the software adapted to your needs. No additional price will be charged for this.

Take an appointment now with one of our parking experts to find the best solution for optimizing your parking spaces.

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