The parking management software BePark for Business becomes Izix

November 23, 2021

For its 10 years, the digital parking operator BePark takes its activities to the next level by creating a new business unit for its software.

Created in 2011, BePark is one of the major actors in digital parking management. The company, whose home markets are Belgium, France and Luxembourg, redefines its strategy by splitting business units : on one hand, the parking operation activities, which remains under the name “BePark” and on the other hand, the parking management software now named Izix. These two brands both pursue the ambition to improve the urban life by making the cities smarter and more mobile thanks to the optimal use of parking spaces.

For BePark's 10 years, Izix flies on its own ! 

BePark announced the launching of Izix, a new business unit entirely dedicated to the software whose unique objective is to optimize as best as possible the off-street parkings.

Developed internally during 2 years, the parking management software of BePark is now taking off and will from now on be known under the name of Izix. This software was thought to help the parking owners and facilities managers to best manage their parking lots and offer additional services to their tenants. The past months increased our needs for flexibility especially in the business and mobility sectors. Real estate owners are facing several challenges to keep on providing the expected services to their parking tenants and to adapt to current trends to always keep up with real estate competition.


The Izix team is made of collaborators already having an expertise on the software and are now under the direction of Dorian de Broqueville, general manager of Izix. Their goal will be to promote the software not only on the home but also on international markets.

“After a few years of development, we are now convinced that Izix reached his ideal maturity level to fly on its own while still taking advantage of BePark’s expertise and knowledge. I am delighted to see that Izix now has the required resources to reach its ambitions and I am aware of the trust that is given to me and my team members to achieve this mission.”

Dorian de Broqueville, General Manager of Izix

Meanwhile, the BePark brand will go on focusing on the management of private parkings to always free up more off street spaces and improve the urban mobility experience. Parking in urban centers is more than ever a major issue in the development of mobility and its diversification. BePark will continue its work and develop its current projects with the aim of creating a true off-street mobility hub to free up public space and accelerate the transition to electric mobility.

"Aware of the changing needs of our customers, we have decided to specialize and focus our activities. The challenge for BePark in the coming years will be to develop infrastructures to support the evolution and diversification of mobility and the transition to electric mobility. The digital solutions developed under the Izix brand will help us offer an optimal and simplified user experience. I am looking forward to the perspectives of both entities, which both aim to help our customers in their daily mobility." 

Julien Vandeleene, CEO & founder of BePark 

About BePark 

BePark is a digital parking operator whose ambition is to create a more mobile urban life by connecting, sharing and optimizing off-street parking. By contributing to free up the streets, BePark's flexible parking solution provides solutions to real estate actors, businesses and residents while meeting the challenges of the city of tomorrow. Founded in 2011 in Belgium, BePark has also been present in France since 2013 and in Luxembourg since 2019. 

About Izix 

Izix is a smart parking management software that optimizes parking use in office buildings. The aim is to offer solutions to the owners and facility managers. The software aims to provide more management flexibility to meet the needs of tenants by improving their parking experience. The addition of these new services allows better retention and is a real way to stand out from the competition.

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