Mobility and parking management with MARSH

August 20, 2019

For a long time, mobility has meant fleet management, whether it be executive benefits or company cars. In most companies, it also meant ensuring low fares for leases and providing train, air and hotel directions on business trips.

Today, the challenges of competitiveness, employee well-being and sustainable development are leading companies to adopt innovative mobility management for their employees and visitors.

The implementation of a mobility plan is no longer a bonus but rather a crucial aspect of your company's policy. It is therefore important that you manage it effectively.

Discover 5 essential points for a mobility plan

What do you currently offer to your employees? How can you reduce your costs, and what are the interesting opportunities?

In this article, you will discover how a global leader in insurance promotes smart mobility within its company.

The company was facing two main challenges related to parking

A lack of parking spaces for employees

The number of employees was far above the number of parking spaces available at the company's parking facilities. As a result, employees were losing valuable time each day searching for a parking space in the vicinity of the company's offices. Parking on the street represented a considerable cost every day and also a waste of time.

Problem of efficiency and visibility in parking management

It was difficult for the facility manager to manage parking because he did not have good visibility of all parking resources. Each site was managed individually, which was time consuming and complicated the facility manager's task. 

This poor visibility resulted in under-utilization of parking spaces, even though demand was high. 

BePark parking management for Marsh

How did Marsh meet these challenges?

Marsh decided to turn to BePark to address these various parking challenges. Each site (Brussels, Antwerp, Liege) now benefits from the installation of BePark's access system and parking management software.

Rental of additional parking spaces for employees

BePark has provided additional parking for employees near the offices.

This allowed Marsh to:

  • Provide sufficient parking spaces to meet the needs of the employees. Employees are now more satisfied with Marsh's service.
  • Analyze parking usage after a few months to halve the number of spaces rented by the company. As a result, Marsh is saving money each month on parking space rentals.


Use of parking management software

The BePark parking management software enabled Marsh to optimize the management of the various parking lots at its disposal.

The company is now able to:

  • Analyze parking data, plan for demand and adjust supply for maximum parking utilization.
  • Manage parking and parking policy centrally across all sites in a single tool. This includes national coverage, as the sites are scattered in different locations in Belgium.
  • Simplify parking management. Access to the parking lot is done using each employee's smartphone, which means there are no more badges to manage.
  • Have visibility on availability within the parking lot. Employees are empowered and can reserve their own space in advance and free it up at any time if they don't need it, so that it can be used by someone else.
  • Differentiate the types of access: bicycle access, electric cars, carpooling, etc. This allows for the promotion of more sustainable means of transportation.

What are the results?

The provision of additional parking spaces coupled with the use of BePark's software system at all sites allowed Marsh to address all of the parking challenges that it was facing. 

  • Occupancy rates across all parking facilities have been increased
  • The fleet manager saves time every day on the management of the parking lots
  • The number of users with potential access has doubled
  • Access management allows employees to plan their mobility
  • The fleet manager has a clearer view of the parking lot thanks to the data provided by the software


Interested in the BePark solution? 

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