Why integrate a parking management system in your Mobility Plan with Izix?

April 21, 2021

You've been scouring the web for new initiatives to integrate into your Mobility Plan and you now know that parking can be one of the highlights of this plan. 

Izix is a tool to consider for the smart management of your company's parking lot. Here we answer all the questions you might have about the implementation of our software. 

Why are we invested in employee mobility? 

Our vision is simple: To create a more mobile urban life, for this generation and the next. We want to achieve this through various actions that will reduce urban congestion, traffic, and pollution

Today, the modal share of home-work trips represents XX% of urban trips. This has a considerable impact on traffic, noise, and pollution in cities. Companies have an important role to play both for the well-being of their employees by avoiding traffic-related stress, and for their integration in the city. 

Why should a company consider implementing parking management software in its Mobility Plan?

Although one might think that parking has no impact on employee mobility at first glance, this is not true! Parking, when managed intelligently, is a real cornerstone for the Mobility Plan

A parking management software will allow parking to be managed in an intelligent way. The Izix solution allows you to manage accesses, forecast demand, have an overview on the occupation of the parking lot, and analyze clear reports on the different accesses to the parking lot in order to make decisions on its use. 

Our SaaS software is also an excellent tool to implement into your parking policy, to grant different types of access to employees but also to define access quotas according to the needs of the different users of the parking lot. Thanks to these different features, it is possible to set up mobility initiatives to reward employees for using more environmentally friendly means of transportation. 

To learn more about the importance of parking in your Mobility Plan, we recommend you read: How a single tool can encourage your employees to adopt a softer mobility?

What does the deployment process with Izix look like? 

The first step is to get to know and deeply understand your situation, and your unique needs. We listen to you and carefully analyze your options. We then present the different solutions in a clear manner and accompany you in your decision to meet your objectives.

Our team takes care of all the necessary installation and activation, so you don't have to worry about anything. If, for example, you already have barriers or gates at the entrance to your parking lot, our access system will fit in perfectly. If you don't have the equipment to control the entry and exit of vehicles, we will install it for you. 

With the Izix, access to the parking lot is dematerialized, no need to manage and pay for badges. Our solution allows each user to access the parking lot using their smartphone via an app or via a digicode or a plate recognition system. 

Is the software easy to use? 

Izix is easy to understand and use. Each customer is accompanied by a member of Customer Success to take the platform in hand and become an expert in the field. This person will also help you create your parking policy and implement it. All you have to do is communicate all the information to your colleagues. 

Once you have received all the information from our Customer Success member, you will have everything you need to manage your parking independently.

BePark software access list

What do I do if I encounter a problem in my parking lot when I use the platform?

No need to worry, Izix will support you before and after the implementation of the solution! No matter the time, you can contact our support team available 24/7. We will come directly to your aid to help you solve the problem. 

What is the average time it takes to set up the software? 

Each case is different, but once all the needs are identified and the solution to be implemented is defined, we can count on an average time of 10 days for the installation of the software and the accompanying hardware.



If you are looking for a solution that is easy to implement and simple to use, as well as constant support, Izix is what you need to set up a smart parking management system that fits into your Mobility Plan. 

Our solutions are continuously adapting to the evolution of your business. Izix, as your partner, stays by your side as long as you want and has the capacity to adapt.

Want to implement Izix in your company? Contact us to schedule a meeting with one of our parking management experts! 


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