What is SaaS and how does it improve your parking management?

March 11, 2019

In this article, we will address 3 big questions you may ask yourself about the use of software for the management of your corporate parking.


But first...What does SaaS really mean?

What does SaaS mean?

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SaaS, short for "software-as-a-service", is a model for distributing and using software through an Internet connection.

Let's take a simple and concrete example: to use the Microsoft Action Pack (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ...), you pay a license (quite expensive ...) to have direct access to the software on your computer through an installation on your hard drive.

On the contrary, a SaaS product is delivered by a provider through the Internet, and its big difference is that this product can be accessed by its users everywhere and on any device (computer, phone), thanks to a login and a password. The product is therefore hosted directly on the provider's servers.

But in practice, what does a SaaS product really bring in terms of benefits?

The advantages of using a SaaS product in a company

No direct installation on the computer

A SaaS product does not require any installation on the computer, allowing you to save space on your computer while having access to the SaaS product. Having nothing to install limits the overall cost, especially the cost of its license.

Goodbye business licenses that weighs heavily on the budget!

A SaaS product is often made available through a monthly subscription; the amount is decided upstream or in use according to the features requested by the customer. The license is a real obstacle for some companies with few resources, this is replaced by a monthly subscription, which can be stopped at any time or by notice.

Great customisation

A SaaS product can offer many different features developed by the provider. If a customer requests a non-existent feature, the service provider can fully respond to the customer's request and customize its functionality.

Automatic and recurring updates

The SaaS provider, wanting to constantly improve the experience of these customers, is constantly looking for new features that could meet new needs. These new features are automatically updated for the customer and may be free of charge or for a fee depending on the provider and the customer's usage.

Thousands of users connected at the same time

A SaaS product, being hosted and managed on the Internet, can be used on any device with an Internet connection. It can be used by a very large number of users at the same time, unlike softwares that are installed on your own computer which often requires the purchase of multiple licenses for multiple users.


Corporate parking management: what can a SaaS product bring to you?

Managing a parking lot within a company is a complicated task for the managers concerned, such as human resources or fleets managers (learn more about them in this article on the profession of fleet manager).

Recurring parking issues such as managing different access based on employee status, ordering badges and allocating the number of available places... can become very time consuming and take a lot of time and energy in your daily work!

Managing all these aspects, but also the maintenance required by a corporate parking lot (even just a few places) is a job requiring great organization and versatility from its manager.

For corporate parking management, using a SaaS product allows you to:

  • Simply log in to your parking management system wherever you are, and access real-time statistics.

  • Respond to the multiple needs of your employees regarding parking but also their mobility needs, which are constantly changing and require constant adaptation to the legal, environmental and/or fiscal framework of companies.

  • Optimize your parking thanks to more efficient management, and therefore conserve your working time.

SaaS management software offers real benefits for efficient management of your corporate parking, which will facilitate the creation and implementation of your parking policy while providing more flexibility in the overall management of the parking lot.


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