Fleet management : Everything you need to know!

April 12, 2019

"Multitasking" is probably the most common word for describing the role of the fleet manager. Indeed, this position includes many responsibilities and is often associated with other roles within a company.

But what are the roles or responsibilities that fleet managers should take ownership of and adapt to achieve success?

Are you about to become a Fleet Manager?

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Overview of the profession

Within a company, a fleet manager is in charge of the management and the logistics of corporate parking lots while at the same time ensuring the maintenance of the technical reliability of the vehicles.

In fact, with an ongoing concern for safety and profitability of parking, fleet managers must plan for regular upgrades but also manage the various daily operations of repair, maintenance and technical visits.

In addition, fleet managers handle requests from drivers and other departments of the company since they need to collaborate with the operating departments and the operators concerned (external garage in case of subcontracting, Mining Services ...). They also oversee the intervention controls of the service provider and re-negotiate contracts in collaboration with their company's purchasing department.

Fleet managers


The fleet management profession: The advantages

Becoming a fleet manager involves many benefits both personally and professionally. Indeed, this multi-skilled job requires many responsibilities and can help you develop essential technical and managerial skills.

One of the best things about this job is the fact that you can manage your work however you want, since you are the only one responsible for your tasks. Also, this profession requires certain technical and operational knowledge such as the use of many logistic tools.

Lastly, you can take part in the protection of the environment through the implementation of more environmentally responsible methods or mobility solutions such as:

  • Management optimization: Implement parking management software such as BePark to ensure a parking space for all the drivers in the company and manage the parking spaces in an optimal way in just a few clicks.
  • Parksharing: Release the current pressure of your corporate car parks by using rented parking spaces nearby through companies like Bepark, which can render unused private parking spaces accessible to companies in need.
  • Carpooling: Partnership with carpooling companies (Blablacar, Karzoo).
  • Public transportation: Partnership with transport operators, financial participation in subscriptions or creation of a company shuttle.
  • Carsharing: Sharing a fleet of vehicles with other companies

The fleet management profession: The inconveniences

In recent years, the job of fleet manager has undergone profound upheavals. With a more complex tax system and a higher requirement for optimization, this job has become more professional and requires more skills.

In fact, with these constraints, you have to reinforce your skills in addition to those learned throughout your experiences and your studies.

Moreover, faced with many responsibilities and separate projects, you need to know how to deal with stress and to be available at all times to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If an unwanted event occurs, you will have to control your stress and solve the problem as best as possible.

Finally, one of the last disadvantages encountered lies in the administrative aspect of the tasks of the fleet manager since it is a clerical job requiring excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, as well as a mastery of different management software.


We hope this article has given you a clearer vision of the fleet manager position and  the motivation and desire to consider this career path. If you want to know some additional tips about becoming a good fleet manager, it's just right here.

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