Make every square meter of your parking space profitable and offer an additional service 

April 28, 2021

As an asset manager, one of your biggest concerns is to optimize the occupancy and therefore the profitability of your various assets. 

Parking is an integral part of your infrastructure and most of the time it is not used to its full potential or even forgotten about. It is possible to overcome this under-occupation and make sure that every square meter of your parking space is used and profitable. 

In this article we explain how to make this possible, in a very simple way. 


How parking is generally managed and how it should be managed

Generally speaking, the most common way of managing a parking space is as follows: a 12m2 parking space is only used by one and the same person to whom this space is dedicated. On top of that, there are usually only cars inside the parking lot.

This biased perception of the parking lot as an immutable asset must evolve in everyone's mind towards a vision of the parking lot as an open and innovative infrastructure

To initiate this change, there are two axes to work on.

  • Pooling: in order to have a parking lot that is used to its maximum potential, it must be mutualized. In this way, spaces that are not used during the day by people who work could be used by others and bring additional income to the owner, while guaranteeing the security of the building.
  • Diversification: to meet the needs of users, it is necessary to think of accommodating other means of transportation than the car within the parking lot.


Towards an optimized and versatile parking facility

Pooling of the parking lot

What is a shared parking lot?

A shared parking lot is a private parking lot made available to a larger number of users in order to optimize its use and generate more revenue while offering a solution to local communities looking for a parking solution. 

With new technologies to facilitate access to underutilized private parking lots, it is now possible to open them to their surrounding environment.

How does it work? 

Depending on the needs of the current users, a company specialized in parking management like BePark can help you to define the number of parking spaces to be shared and for which time slots. 

Once the analysis is done and the decision is made, the owner doesn't have to worry about anything. Subscriptions, invoicing, access and customer follow-up are taken care of by the parking management company. 

Each month, the parking owner will receive the income generated by the shared parking spaces. This represents a regular source of income

Parking as a mobility hub

Some spaces in your parking lot can be used to meet new mobility needs. 

You have spaces that are too small to accommodate a car? Why not use them to park bicycles and provide an additional service to users? This type of space can also be shared, you can decide to sell bicycle parking passes to meet the growing demand for this type of parking. 

Today, in Brussels alone, more than 7,700 people are on a waiting list to have access to bicycle parking. The demand is real and represents a great opportunity for owners who want to optimize every square meter of their property while generating additional income. 

Cyclists are afraid to leave their bikes on the street, and rightly so!  Many bikes are stolen or damaged. By providing safe and easy-to-access bicycle parking, you will turn your parking lot into a mobility hub. 

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Your parking lot is an important part of your infrastructure. Every square meter of the parking lot can be exploited. Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to reach a high occupancy rate while generating a regular income and offering services that meet users' expectations. 

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