5 tips to improve the reputation of a parking manager

October 16, 2019



1. Security

Whether purchased on credit or in cash, a car is a significant investment, hence the need to preserve your vehicle. What are the risks when parking your vehicle? First, there is the risk of vandalism or malicious acts. Secondly, no one is safe from accidental bumping and scraping by a parking neighbor. Parking your vehicle in complete serenity is therefore a factor in where you choose to park. Thus, if you are a parking manager or if the subject of parking management interests you, a secure parking lot is a fundamental element. Here is an article from the Auto Passion blog that offers you some tips on securing your parking lot.


2. Taking a step further in digitalization

Digitalization is the process of digitizing a service. In the case of a parking lot, this consists of collecting parking data and then storing it. In addition, tools must be implemented to make this digitization possible, such as automatic opening bollards or even platforms to monitor parking information in real time in order to optimize and improve the performance of the parking lot. For example, some firms may, instead of distributing parking badges, give their employees the opportunity to open the parking lot via their smartphone. These intelligent parking solutions also make it possible to manage parking access via a single platform. They will be able to optimize their occupancy rate as well as know the comings and goings.

5 tips to improve the reputation of a parking manager

3. Establish partnerships with other firms

"Alone we go faster, together we go further". Partnering with other companies allows you to significantly boost your reputation. This may involve lowering fees for partner companies (such as a nearby business) or renting your parking lots to employees working in nearby companies. This will allow these firms to have more places for their employees. On the parking manager's side, it is a guaranteed way to obtain a recurring income and reduce his vacancy rate.

4. Promote an ecological approach

Whether you are in the field of mobility management or parking management, ecology tends to become a factor in the reputation of a parking manager. Are you familiar with the concept of parking experience? This is the journey of a parking user, from the search for a place to park to the hassle of actually finding one. This experience is more positive when it is done in a fluid and effective way. This fluidity has an impact on the carbon footprint of your own parking lot. Indeed, a difficulty in parking is synonymous with more greenhouse gas emissions, whether in a long and tedious search for a place or in the difficulty of parking. This aspect is in line with the point discussed above about partnerships with other companies: renting your places for surrounding companies allows you to help them in their ecological approach. On the parking management side, in a world where ecology and CSR is becoming a central concern, this has a very positive impact on reputation. There are key intelligent parking solutions that allow these companies to manage their parking within your parking lots.


5. Become more than just a parking lot

Have you ever been to a hairdresser who offered you a drink? If so, chances are you were delighted with this experience. Few hairdressers do this, yet it is a way to build loyalty and significantly improve customer experience. The same applies to parking management. Providing your parking lot users with related services allows you to distinguish yourself from other parking lot managers in a substantial way. This may include charging stations for electric vehicles or tools that allow users to clean their vehicles. For example, the company Green On provides companies with shared fleets of electric bicycles. This type of offer may well be suitable for a parking lot. Not only does this help to take the ecological step forward, but it also allows companies to offer their employees means of transportation as part of a mobility plan.


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