The benefits for companies working in a Smart Building

May 27, 2020

Many companies have offices located in a smart building. Renowned for their simplicity and practicality, these types of buildings are increasingly being used as company headquarters.

A smart building is an infrastructure that uses new information and communication technologies (called NICT) to transmit and store data on its use.

Discover in this article the advantages for companies to work in an intelligent building: 

A new way of working

Did you know that working in an intelligent building could make your employees happier? Thanks to a large number of features, we know that working in a smart building is a benefit for your employees. 

An intelligent building could just as well be considered the "building of the future". Between security, simplicity and flexibility, it offers employees the possibility to work under new conditions, and be more comfortable. Also, this new way of working helps to promote exchanges between employees. 

"This type of building adapts to its users. It listens to their expectations in terms of comfort with heating/air conditioning, light and air quality. "Before, it was different; the buildings were equipped with automatic controls that we set up to control the temperature and light at certain times of the day, but without the ability to adapt in real time to daily use", stated the president of the SBA. 

In fact, the new equipment is all automatic, from heating to lighting, but also includes automatic opening of shutters, etc. The new equipment has been designed to be fully automatic. Allowing your employees to work in conditions that simplify their lives makes them happier and more efficient in their work.

It is well known that there is a link between happiness and efficiency at work. Discover our article on the subject : 

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A commitment to CSR 

Intelligent buildings are designed to engage in an eco-responsible approach. Indeed, nowadays, it is a subject that concerns many of us, particularly in the context of a CSR commitment. It is therefore essential that these buildings regulate their energy consumption. 

Smart buildings consume little electrical energy because their consumption is managed much better. The main trick is to reduce consumption at peak times and move it to other times during the day. The electricity bill therefore drops considerably. 

The use of various renewable energy sources also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is therefore more environmentally friendly. 

Intelligent buildings represent many advantages for workers and owners and also have a good impact on the environment, which is vitally important. 

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